Kaiser Class Corvette

Written by Sierra Brown

The current standard class of corvette deployed by the United Arshan Federation's navy.


Adopted in 2722 AD, the Kaiser class corvette is a much smaller variant of the standard modular Hades class cruisers and follows a similar pattern of general structural design and subsystem location. Like the Hades class, the Kaiser was developed in collaboration with Sionian engineers and represents a mixture of Arshan and Sionian designs. The Kaiser is generally described as looking like the point of a spear, with a narrow, triangular shape covered in hard corners and bevels.


This class of space vessel serves as the basis for all currently active Arshan corvettes, including both specialized vessels assigned to fleets and solo general-purposes vessels on ranger deployments. Due to the Kaiser's modular design, many aspects of the vessel's capabilities and equipment are dependent on the systems and modules installed.

Power Generation

Like all standard Arshan ships, the Kaiser class is equipped with both a primary and auxiliary fusion reactor core. Both reactor cores can power the vessel on their own, with the auxiliary system existing as a backup or to supplement additional power in extreme circumstances.


The primary reactor can be found in the aft section of the frame, in the Main Engineering section alongside the vessel's hyperdrive. The auxiliary reactor is found in the central-fore section, near the bridge.


The Kaiser is equipped with a set of main thrusters in the aft section, and a series of maneuvering thrusters that allow for impulse movement. Like all Arshan vessels, the Kaiser is also equipped with a standard hyperdrive module, allowing faster-than-light travel through a hyper-lane at jump grade 4 using accelerated ion particles as a propellant.

Hangars & docked vessels

While not always present on a Kaiser class vessel, the frame is capable of housing a hanger bay opening onto the lower hull with the capacity to carry a single wing's worth of strike or transport craft. This is typically only seen for general purpose or ranger corvettes, as the role of a carrier is filled by larger, more capable ships in a standard fleet formation.

Owning Organization
United Arshan Federation
Common place among Arshan fleets as support craft, or as lone 'Ranger' vessels.
40 Impulse
Jump Grade 4
75 personnel
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Variant depending on attached modules.

Cover image: by Sierra Brown


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