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"Child of Devil, if it weren't for your kind, Maerus would not be swallowed by the Void. We have given you love and destruction is what you repaid us. Why should we persist to care for barbarians?"  
- Lunaya, Goddess of Moon and Life
  Humans are bipedal creatures - seemingly an evolution of a primate - that are born from the Void onto Frantumare. They are a highly social beings and tend to live in a complex social hierarchy. To the gods and Feras , however, they are barbaric beings hunger for destruction and blood and needs to be eradicated.

Civilization and Culture


They don't realize how much the Lys hated them.   Their creation wasn't meant to be, but thanks to the All-Father, they spread on Frantumare like a plague. Laying waste on the lands and destroy the very foundation of love of the Lys. They tortured the Feras, ruined the ecosystem, and uses violence to achieve their ambitions. Despite this, the Lys were unable to eliminate them, due to lack of the Power of Destruction the Scurus have.  
It is a great shame to allow the Children of Devil the ability to have faith and hope...
  Their creation at the hands of the All-Father earned the detests of the Lys so much that they only view the Humans as mere sustenance than residents with individuality. The Lys only considered them as livestock that can be replaced and bred, hence the Twin Gods of Family, Illiana and Illianus, encouraged them to keep producing. Naturally, the Humans heeded them, seeing it as a blessing instead.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Home Falsus, Homo Ferox
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
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