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Summer Camp Reading 2023

Writing Goals of my Summercamp:

Stay in the flow regularly, more consistently, and not just last minute. Bursts of inspiration and energy are definitely a thing, but I tend to think about how much I should I write or simply even worldbuild as I'm doing other things, all in my head and forget to actually write things down, its one major reason I joined and found World Anvil to be so helpful, and why I should obviously continue to keep using it lol.   Besides that mindset, I was able to connect a lot of previous articles and build upon them, and really make the world feel whole. I got a lot of the bases down, and definetely want to start building more specifics, maincities and towerway names, their specialties, humane and frale that live there and work on a few of their stories.  

Afterword of my Summercamp:

Frale Tides is based on an old story I had written in highschool, and while it had an established main characters and cast, (terrible storyline and worldbuilding lol) I left characters alone to focus on the worldbuilding, and I'm feeling ready soon to reincorporate a new more involved storyline and cast. It's very exciting!!   Before starting, I had a had a had time with the magic system. All types of magic systems in fact! Frale Tides is a fun project, fragmented off and old high school story, and some influence from my main world that I'm working on, still on private. I've always loved hard magic systems, but both in that and this world I didn't have a clear wy to start, nothing that felt natural.   I pushed past that this summercamp, and found a way for the magic system for Frales to work! I think the hardest part of the whole har dmagic system is I don't feel comfortable saying this is, if actually in irl example, would work like this and effect the body etc etc. I guess I was worried about the logistics of it all? And I've decided a long time ago I do like having some sort of reasoning to the way the world works, but also, fiction. A hint of magic in the magic system should be OK right? Just had to remind myself, and I figured out how I wanted the Frale to work.   Very excited! I feel refreshed and am working on the magic system in Dola Vonde too. Very proud of myself.   Along with the magic system for Frale Tides, I also reworked some stuff with DEPART and Sight's Rise. Mostly DEPART, and ficsed up the world map a bit more. I changed some terminology around to feel more suited for the world, and am genreally connecting more articles, locations, and processes together. It requires some cleanup, as I take care of some more out dated articles, and figure if they still have some important information or if I want to omit some old stuff.   I'd also love to open more of Frale Tides to the public!! I have mostly summercamp and worldember posts public still, but some key points are still hidden away. Once I figure which information should be public and the method I want to keep private in the same article, that will get going. Hopefully by worldember so things can be coherent when reading not only the challenge articles, but as a whole world.  

Other's Summercamps:

I need to remind myself to read other's stuff more often. Teh creativity and joy I can see written in other's articles is definetely an inspiring thing.   One thing I look forward to my articles and wrapping them up all pretty before I sumbit them for public is adding a quote in the sidebar pertaining to the article in another's outlook of voice. Sometimes nuetral, sometimes not. Sometimes it makes me think a little more about how each side sees what as well.   Articles like See Em Squish Em , Bog Frogs and the Mummer Nums have such voice and hilarity in them, it's inspiring me to go a little further with my own quotes. Informational, fun, and just general great writing. I also found some new authors to follow! As I'm getting along and solidfying my bases, I'm looking forward to writing diary entries as well, or general articles in another person's voice and not so much a wiki voice as is my normal approach. I have some great articles to refer back to!   One article I was eyeing when I was deciding which artlces I was going to try to write for, was the last artcle, "A myth or truth about the meaning of your universe."   I was both interested but also concerned about what I should be writing. Should I dig down deep and get a really good one, something shallow, something so-so? In the end I missed the article altogether. So I have a little more respect for those that actually finished it, my favorite probably being We Are Not Alone. It has that smidgen of entertaining writting, I foudn myself chuckling to myself. I've always felt much more drawn to fantasy than science fiction, and as the article is dealing with people knowing versus not knowing about aliens, I felt the slightest called out, in the most positive way.   Overall, I enjoyed leaving comments too! It was fun, and I'm looking forward to doing this again, with or without a challenge!


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