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Dust Surge

A type of earthquake special to the Dust, where the Dust particles are blasted into the air in either waves or geyser like formations.   The maincities are not as affected, but the ground itself tumbles similar to a quake, They are not random, and the same spots will experience the geyser spots, the waves. It is entirely indistinguisable when inactive, and buildind new Towerway ad maincitiy locations must take this into account to avoid building atop a surge location.   Because they are stable, Anz can also be shot up if they ride the waves and geysers. Flying Anz that can't fly above the fogline can use the geysers to shoot past their regular limits, onto the pillars that hold a Bridgeway or Maincity and climb higher. Maintainence keeps the pillars smooth so theres less to hold onto, but short distances are easier for them to climb beofre falling off. Flying Az can close the distance, but are less dangeorus than large ground roaming Anz. The wings make it difficult for the flying Az to maneuver and easier to catch once they enter the Maincity or Towerway, and is often an expected occuarance.   For more average sized Anz that have good climbing abilities, are more likely to have the flying Anz distract as they boost themselves up the geysers similar to their flying counterparts, while their weight and size has them take longer. Guards are on high alert for this event, where they will procedd to knock off the Anz, which usually desuades them from climbing again, as the Dust surges don't last long enough for a second attempt.
DEPART researchers are constantly searching for reasons for the surges, and how often they are happening. At one point, there was one researcher that was able to predict the timing based on four correct timigs but was considered a fluke when the next one never occurred, adn from there they guess were also incorrect.
"Imagine if we knew when the Dust Surges were happening! Someone everyday would makea n announcement expect a surge in the Frale District at 7:23. Simply imagine!" -ahead of her time Frale


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Aug 2, 2023 23:44 by George Sanders

Interesting how the event is used by the Anz!

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Aug 12, 2023 19:12

Thank you! I wanted there to be a continued sense of fear and danger to the surges.