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The untamed and wild variety of the world's Beasts that live in Dust. Often referred to simply as "ancestors" in a casual setting.   They are incredibly hostile and not tamable, often attacking to kill any Humane or Frale it finds in its sight. Many of the dangers in leaving any Humane settlement is due to ancestors. Because they are so aggressive, little is surely known about them. They are thought to be generally nocturnal, and avoid light. They lurk in their caves during the day, though little is known of the activity once they aren't on the surface of Dust.   They become slow and sluggish in direct natural light sources, but can sometimes be found out in daytime under the shade of the Bridgeways¬†or other natural shade.¬†Humane-made and Frale lighting is more effective on them.   Hostility and temperament aside, one of the biggest difference between ancestors and beasts is their compatibility with mating. They can mate with any of the same species in the subclass and produce offspring with no changes tot he original species.
Experiment 626:
Mate: Svatel Dricken
Mate: Croal-Footed Dricken
Offspring: Buddel Brecken
  In the Dust, this Dricken breeding pair would produce a nest of either the male or female's original species, but never a Brecken.   DEPART's scientists were able to breed the Drickens enough to produce a new species that cannot reproduce with their parent's breed, and actually changes the appearance and ability of the Brecken. They are now also classified as a Beast, as they are tamable and have a calm temperament, with less sensitive to light as their parents.


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