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Croal-Footed Dricken

An Anz of dragon that lingers in the shallow Dust Water. They are thin and slender, with large bones on their backs that sport small collapsible fins instead of wings.   They can run fast, and swim faster. They eat small bugs and fish eggs, and are generally one of the lesser dangerous Anz. But they are still a danger to have nearby, they have short but sharp teeth, and bite fast to break skin and tend to slither around the victim as they continue to bite wherever they can reach. A group of these dricken can really ruin someone's day.   Their horns are large for their head but hollow that emit vapor that glows underwater. At night seeing the horizon lit by their colorful bubbles is a beautiful if not dangerous view. The Bridgeform would capture the dricken when it was sleeping in the shallow ponds and rivers, put them in think cages, with a small bowl of dust water to keep as lighting.   They were able to breed smaller domestic drickens, with about light about a third times weaker, but still prominent to light they ways. They are still considered Anz however, and are therefore illegal to have when any Agentform comes for inspection.   This caught the interest of DEPART and they evenutally breed the Buddel Brecken species from them.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
"Take that little Dricken. The croal foot one...
It'll light the way, just hold onto this string for a leash, it scampers around pretty quick.

And don't let that Agentfrom catch you, I've never seen you, understand?"
-suspicious character

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