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Inti Raymi (in-tee-ray-mi)

by hughpierre
A 9-day festival honouring one of the most venerated deities in the Celestial Bureaucracy during the winter solstice.



Beginning at the Temple of the Sun, the Sapa leads a parade through the center of Ca-Chisneu and follow an ancient path to the ruins of Sacsayhuaman. Workers would also run ahead of the procession to sweep the road and cover it in flowers so as to be clean and soft for the feet of the entourage.   There, representatives of the four suyus report to the emperor about the state of the realm and reaffirm their allegiance. The priests of Inti would bless everyone, and the procession would return to the capital.  

Animal Sacrifice

As many as two hundred llamas and alpacas are sacrificed by heart extraction and holding its heart up to the sun Inti. This sacrifice builds a special bond so that only the Innoits have the ability to ask Inti to stay with his people.   The entrails of a rare black llamas would also be examined by priests for omens for the upcoming year.

Human Sacrifice

In troubling times, such as earthquakes or plagues or war, two children from each of the four regions of the empire are given coca to eat and are sacrificed, in addition to the animals.   And during spectacularly desperate times, the head priests themselves can be slain in their place.

Components and tools


Two fine large golden goblets of the best corn beer would be poured and passed from the Sapa to his court.   One would be symbolically given to Inti by pouring into a jar that sits in the sun temple. The other would be first sipped by the Sapa who would then pass it around the nobility to solidify the bonds of loyalty.



The Sapa converses with the Inti (the sun) at the Sun Temple, and another speech to the people at Sacsayhuaman at noon on the final day.


Inti Raymi is a new years celebration for the return of the sun during the winter solstice.

Alternative Namez
  • Return of the Sun
  • Sun Festival
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