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Introduction to the Encyclopedia

For most worldbuilders this is where the real fun begins. Your encyclopedia is the core of your world. Simply put, if it's not about the geography or your world, or strictly related to your campaign, your work (articles) will be organized under here.

A world, in many ways is separated into two major parts. The geography (handled by the Atlas) and the living beings of the world and the repercussions of their actions.

Every decision of the living beings, sentient, supernatural or otherwise, leaves a scar in the history of your world. Their beliefs (religions, cultures) and traditions (ethnicities, rituals)
the way they work together to create more powerful teams (organiizations like parties, countries, kingdoms, guilds, corporations etc).

Their conflicts (wars, documents) and their achievements (items, vehicles, technologies, sciences etc) are the things that propel your world forward and make it a dynamic place that things are happening and other people would want to explore and learn more about.

We have already created some categories for you, that try to give you some initial guidance in terms of where to start from, but feel free to move them around, add to them or delete them to suit your needs.

From our Documentation

Some further reading to get you from zero to pro! As always if you need help come by Discord we are all here to help

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