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"Rao" : Akraoyanen the Red Mage

Rao was once a humble villager in The Valley of Leshiven who saw the struggles of his people in the cold region they all lived. He struck out on his own, learning fire magics he thought would help his people, but transformed himself into a Leshy in an incident known as The Scar of Akrasia Now as a guardian of the woodlands, Rao's role as a Leshy serves as a constant reminder of the need for caution and humility when harnessing the powers of the world.  

Early Life and Ambition

Rao was born and raised in the frigid, icy expanse of a cold region within Leshiven. Growing up, he witnessed the hardships his people endured due to the unforgiving climate. Determined to ease their suffering and create a more comfortable life for his community, Rao became obsessed with mastering the arcane arts, seeking a way to harness the power of fire to warm his homeland. He had a natural wanderlust that took him aborad to many places, and in his later middle age, he returned to Leshiven.  

The Fire Spell Ritual

After years of relentless travel, study, and experimentation, Rao believed he had discovered a powerful fire spell ritual that could bring continueous warmth to the cold region - indeed he sat out to making a lesser Hearth. With genuine intentions to improve the lives of his people, he performed the ritual, not realizing the immense consequences his actions would have on the delicate balance of the natural world.  

Upsetting the Natural Balance

Unknown to Rao, the cold region was an essential part of the world's natural equilibrium. The icy landscape played a crucial role in preserving the balance of elemental forces and magical energies in the region. By introducing an intense fire spell, Rao unwittingly disrupted this delicate balance, causing a ripple effect that extended far beyond his homeland. This is what created The Scar of Akrasia, and The Living Flame Herself.  

Punishment and Transformation

As punishment for his reckless use of magic, the spirits of the land took matters into their own hands. To restore the natural balance and protect the lands of Leshiven, they chose to transform Rao into one of them—a Leshy. In his new form, Rao would serve as a guardian of nature, a constant reminder of the consequences of tampering with the world's magical forces.   Rao's transformation into a Leshy was a profound and humbling experience. As a Leshy, he gained an intimate connection with the forests and wilderness of Leshiven. He found himself attuned to the ebb and flow of the natural energies, understanding the intricate interplay of life in ways he had never imagined. But bound to the land, he could no longer leave and roam the world he had grown to love and learn so much from.  

Accepting His Mistake

Over time, Rao came to accept his fate and the responsibility bestowed upon him. As a Leshy, he devoted himself to the protection of Leshiven's woodlands and the preservation of nature's balance and became known as The Woodsmen for an organization called The Woodsmen in his honor (confusing, I know). He vowed to use his newfound powers to ensure that others learned from his mistake and never took nature's harmony for granted.  

Redemption and Service

Though he could never reverse his transformation, Rao saw his role as a Leshy as a form of redemption. He dedicated his life to serving the land, its creatures, and the people of Leshiven. With each passing season, he travelled the lands and learned to appreciate the beauty and resilience of the natural world, finding solace in the serenity of the forests.


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