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How do you.. un-die?

What happens when you die is, ideally, that Silver Man and Woman come to collect you and transport you to hell. But things don’t alway go as planned. In some cases they might not be able to find or get to your body, and in some of these cases this is because he deceased is too afraid to go to Hell and he escapes and hides.

So now what?

So, you found yourself in a situation where you died, but haven’t gone to hell. You’re in a state of being dead, but not really - it’s the state of undeath. In this state your soul would still be attached to your body, not able to escape, and yet not really a part of the body anymore. It’s like your inner fairies are locked out of the system, or most of it at least. You may still have some control over the basic functions of your body, but most of it is now shut down. Your experience will be downgraded to that of a blank character. You might still be able to see, hear, touch, taste or smell, but you won’t really care about any of it, your emotional reactions to things are stored in the parts of your brain that are now inaccessible to fairies. Similarly, all your memories will be locked away too and you won’t be able to remember your old life or even how you died. You may not even be aware that you are in fact dead.

By those who came back to tell the tale, the experience is described as pretty terrifying. Just finding yourself somewhere, not knowing who you are or how you got there, or what you should do or where you should go can be a pretty disorienting experience.

Where can you go?

Luckily, there is one place where you will always be welcome - Graveyard Hideout. The place is run by bat people, and it welcomes all sorts of freaks and misfits. They are especially happy to accept the undead, who add to the creepy vibe of the place, and satisfies the bat people's obsession with anything death related.

Reputation of the undead

Being undead really is unfortunate and extremely misunderstood. These people really just need help to get to the gates of Hell, where they can go through the normal process of death and be saved form their cursed state. But bat people’s obsession with them only makes matters worse and perpetuates many harmful stereotypes about these people.

Many mole people see them as just a part of whatever weird shit the bats are up to. They might just be bat people or mole people pretending to be something edgy and mysterious to fit in or keep up their reputation. They often aren’t taken seriously, but when they are people just tend to fear and avoid them. The condition isn’t very well understood by many people, and a lot of them believe that these undead will try to take you to hell with them, or try to escape their dead body to take over yours. They could just as well work for bat people and try to steal your blood. Really, you can never be sure what they might be up to.

The final solution

The undeath and hiding in Graveyard Hideout are obviously not ideal, and the undead need a real solution to their problem. Unfortunately, there really is no other escape from here and this state than to pass on to the afterlife through the gates of Hell. This really can’t be helped by any doctor or a fairy, but luckily bat people know a thing or two about this condition and how to help it. There are mediums who specialize in taking the undead to Haunted Forest and send them on their was through to the Gates of Hell. Some may even accompany the undead all the way through Haunted Forest, but this is a risky business that may land you in hell as well. Some undead are determined to not go to Hell and if they’re lucky they can make a deal with the Guardian to take you instead and give them their life back. Seriously, stepping as much a one foot in Haunted Forest, let alone get all the way to Gates of Hell as an alive person will only end badly for you so don’t even do it.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

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