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Flat Earth

29.7.2006 (5-1-3, according to DANGER COMIC)

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Not to be confused with Round Earth. Well, there was a Round Earth, once upon a time, long before our Flat Earth. Sadly, the Round Earth was destroyed in an apocalyptic event that only left chunks of it floating through space. It was then that Glitter God and Satan collected all the chunks they could, salvage all that they could salvage, and created a new world out of it. This is here, the Flat Earth, is that world.

In many ways it is still similar to the Round Earth, but don’t let that fool you - the longer you stay here the more you’ll start noticing the faulty logic, misconceptions about the Round Earth, and the complete disregard for the laws of reality, that our Flat Earth is built upon.

Flat Earth is the world of DANGER COMIC and Big Book of Lame Jokes.


Now, our Flat Earth isn't so flat anymore! If you don't know where to start reading about out world, check out our Not-so-flat Atlas of Flat Earth for a quick look at some basic information about our world!