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Town Squares

Our world is full of towns. Of course, where else are people supposed to live? These towns are numerous and different from each other, some are big, some are small, and some blend into each other making it hard to tell when one town ends and the next one begins. But all these towns have one thing in common - in the centre of each and every one of them there is a town square.


Throughout history, these town squares were the most important spots of any town. When towns were still smaller and more far apart, this was where people would gather to trade goods, exchange gossip, meet up with friends and celebrate. They were the one place to find all one could need, from news, to entertainment to food to other necessities.

In very early history, these were not much more than designated spots in the center of town where people would gather every day, to hear the latest announcements and catch up with their friends. Every month, they would gather here for a monthly Lanternfest, where they could also trade goods and celebrate.

As the time went on, many convenient buildings started popping up next to these town squares. From bars and restaurants, to shops, schools, hospitals, and of course, the town’s main Glitter and Satan’s temples. That’s how town centers started to grow, and town squares started getting the form they kept to this day.

Town Squares Today

Today, town squares are much more elaborate. They still are, of course, mostly a large paved area, perfect to be used for many different things. A very important part of modern town squares are the central stage, and media studio. Here’s where all important events happen - daily news are broadcast from here, as well as other talk shows and game shows. In the evenings, this is a perfect venue for concerts and a nice open cinema.

Another essential part of town squares are also attached bars and restaurants. These serve a variety of beverages and food to the visitors, who can eat and drink at the comfortable seating area with tables or even couches while watching the shows taking place at the central stage.

Next to all of this there’s also a paved area that hosts many events throughout the year. Here’s where monthly Lanternfest take place, as well as any other events and festivals that may occur during the month. It’s especially during those days that town squares come to life and attract all the townspeople to come, hang out and celebrate.


As already mentioned, town squares are the hub of entertainment that hosts all the major events. Many people come here every day and especially in the evening as a popular free time activity. You can read more about Town Square Hangouts here.
Town squares also host many daily shows that are described more in detail here.

Other events that take place here include, but are not limited to:

Central Town Square

The one town square you’ll most commonly see in the comics, is the Central Town Square. This town square is located in the Central Area of Ä+*4~. The two main journalists that are in charge of it are Tammy and Daniel, partners at work, and BFFs in private life.

It’s the biggest town square of Ä+*4~, and a good example of the standard town square layout.

In the front, there is a large paved area that serves as the place for festivals and events. On the far side, aways from the road, there is the main building of the town square. In front of it, there is a stage for concerts, talk shows, or game shows that are hosted here, and in its background is a large screen, used for screening of movies and tv series, among other things. The stage is surrounded by tables with chairs, and comfier seating areas with wicker couches where the visitors can sit down and relax. They are served snacks and drinks served by two bars, on either side of the main building. In between the bars, visitors can have fun in a nightclub.

On the upper floor, there are bathrooms above each of the side bars (hehe, get it, sidebars *ba dum tss!*), and in the middle there is a media production area. Here there are many cubicles for journalists to do their research, music recording and the main studio where most of the daily news and other shows are filmed.

The building itself is yellow, same as all the other buildings of Central Area, and has large windows on the bottom floor. In the front paved area different food carts can be found as well.

Town Square in comics

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Cover image: Town Square of Ä+*4~, Central Area


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