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Town Square Shows

What are Town Square Shows?

Town Square Shows are shows hosted on Town Squares of each town of the world. Town Squares host a wide variety of shows throughout the day, from news and weather to movie screenings, talkshows or even concerts. The most popular shows of Town Squares are the evening ones. These are oftentimes movie screenings or concerts, but also encompas a wide range of entertainment options for visitors of Town Squares, or people watching from home.

Notable Shows

In Big Book of Lame Jokes and DANGER COMIC in particular, we more closely follow Town Sqare of Central Area and it's shows, hosted by Tammy and Daniel. Here are some of the shows and events you may catch there:

  • News - Town Square brings people daily news about important events or interesing stories. Pop culture, sports, technology, fashion, weather, events and news on daily life of the world and much more keeps people up to date all the time.
  • Interviews - Interviews with celebrities or other notable people with interesting things to talk about.
  • Movie / TV Show screenings - Hosts of Town Squares can't be expected to run these shows 32/8. To get some time off, Town Square will often host screening of movies and popular TV shows.
  • Concerts - Town Square is one of the popular concert venues in Central Area, in some small towns it may even be the only one.
  • Elevator of Misfortune - A game show in which a contestant rides and elevator and answers questions. The elevator is descending at increasing speed, and the questions get increasingly dumb and confusing as well. If the contestant reaches the bottom he wins a cash prize, but if he wishes to be let out of the elevator early, he loses everything.
  • Live entertainment - Town square often hosts shows that feature some or the other form of live entertainment. This could be any kind of performances, talent show and more. Especially popular are stand up performances, one of the more notable comedians is Asim with a Box

Ways to watch the shows


You are always very welcome to drop by your local Town Square, grab a bite or a drink alone or with your friends and watch shows taking place there. This is acrtually one of the most popular moles' past times, that you can read more about here.

CTS app

If you don't wanna go out, you can always watch these shows at home. They are brodcasted live on Town Squares own app - CTS (Central Town Square). The app requires paid membership and offers everything from live brodcasts of the show to a full archive of past shows. It also offers a calendar of all the events taking place there. Each Town Square has a similar app.


A sister app to Jutub!, this one offers live brodcasts of many different TV channels. You can find CTS here and watch the daily Town Square Shows for free. The channel's library offers some part and clips from the past shows, but doesn't have an extensive library with full past shows, as you can find in on the channel's own app.

Town Square Shows in comics

BBOLJ - 1-XXI, 1-XXIX, 1-LXIX | 104, 105, 110, 111, 118 | 2-LXV, 2-LIV | 205, 220, 227 | 3-XVI, 3-XXXVII | 305 | 4-IV, 4-VI, 4-XXX, 4-XLI, 4-XLV | 5-VII, 5-VIII, 5-LV
DANGER COMIC - pt.15, pt.27, pt.43, pt.44, pt.66, pt.77, pt.115, pt.122, pt.124, pt.127, pt.146, pt.159, pt.166, pt.168, pt.172, pt.183, pt.188, pt.215, pt.220, pt.230

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