Wayfarer League

Professional couriers? Don’t sell them short. Calling them ‘couriers’ just scratches the surface.
— Altair Taroth, head of the Cove Haven merchant guild.
1907 AF was a dark year. Outbreaks of the Frozen Fever plague still swept across parts of Strathwine Barony, Brenzabia, and the Burn. Freebooters were holding up caravans moving over the Northiron Road while corsairs harassed the shipping lanes across the Crystal Bay sea.
The year culminated in the discovery of a 1,400-year-old wavepad of the Torin Republic in a solarium and palik stone mine north of the city of Brelatao in Brenzabia by historian and explorer Stor Hazelridge.
Relics from the ancient and little understood Torin Republic had been found all across the realms. Most fetched a high price from collectors, if they were not bought or taken for study by the Shroud Society. Once in the hands of the Shroud Society, those relics were often never seen again.
This relic Stor had found was different. Unlike previous Torin-era wavepads, this one somehow still held power and information. Stor worked feverishly until he had a partial translation of the recordings.
They were, at least in part, ingredients that would go to be the key components to cure the Frozen Fever plague.
Distribution of this information, as well as protecting the artifact from thieves or such groups as the Shroud, proved difficult. Stor leaned on old friends and associates, using them as researchers to analyze and perfect the cure. Later many of those became couriers to deliver the recipe, or even vials of the cure, to far-flung areas across the Baleland relgion or its continental neighbor to the south, Gibrari.
These trials and tribulations drove home to Stor and his allies, how much history had been lost in a thousand years since the fall of the Torin Republic. Literature, arts, science, and technical knowledge the ancient republic took for granted was now considered myth, if remembered at all.
Also was the ‘why’. What brought down the Torin Republic? Many groups were hunting the ancient technologies and know-how, but none were sharing what they learned. At least, not without a hefty price attached.
The escapades with the wavepad also showed the desperate need for communication between the cities and far rural locations. They needed a thread of communication that didn’t result in half-baked myths or garbled rumors.
There was a need for people willing to help deliver information, yet also to study and protect it. Share it to help bring back the lost knowledge of the past. Troubleshooters who were also explorers.
From there, the Wayfarer League was born. The first official Wayfarer League rider completed their first secure delivery of a Frozen Fever cure to the city of Sangal in 1908 AF.

The League Today

They are a strange alchemy of mercenary, explorer, librarian, and scout. And a thorn in the side of any thief out to make a quick coin off stealing old relics. That includes the high and mighty Shroud Society. I wouldn't have it any other way.
— Ephram McConnel, merchant ship captain
One hundred years later, the Wayfarer League is today an organization of trained professionals with skills ranging from archeology, linguistics, woodcraft and more. These ‘Ranger Librarians’ are based out of the city of Cove Haven on the northern Crystal Bay coast. But members of the League can be found all along the northern and southern realms.
Many of these are Wayfarer Riders, the bulk of the membership, serving in a variety of roles. The most common are couriers, historians, cartographers, scouts, and even bodyguard on rare occasions. But most see them as couriers, since that work is the source of their more embellished stories surrounding the organization.
But behind it all, the two-fold driving motivation for the organization remains the same: Uncover lost knowledge and understand what brought about the fall of the fabled Torin Republic that plunged the world into a 1500 year dark age. Also, ensure stable communication across the realms. For without communication, there can be no civilization.

Rivals From Different Quarters

They have this nasty habit of wanting to let just anyone learn what they discover and not charge for it. Wayfarer Riders give treasure hunters a bad name…
— Lydia Obasei, bounty hunter
The nature of their work often puts the Wayfarer League at odds with other organizations, such as the Shroud Society or Nighthunter Union. Between the two, most often it would be the former that works at cross-purposes to the League. The Nighthunters only find themselves rivals to the League if both organizations have a contract to recover the same relic for different employers.

Organizational Structure

The bulk of the Wayfarer League is comprised of the Wayfarer Riders. They are the backbone of the organization and the ones that the public encounters in daily life. These are the individuals who set out on assignments for the League, be it courier, archaeological study, or other work as needed.
But the Riders are not the only rank in the League. There are other roles and positions that play an important part in how the Wayfarer League functions.

Divisions and Consuls

The League is organized by region, with a division responsible for the activities in that area. Each division is managed by a Consul appointed to manage a given region. This person becomes responsible for the management and resources available to Wayfarer Riders in that region. A Consul is an elected position from among Wayfarer Riders in good standing. Riders elected into this position may hold this for up to two years at a time.

Master Consul

A Master Consul’s responsibility is the Wayfarer League itself. Elected from among the active Consuls, they are the spokesperson who deals with other guilds, such as the Nighthunter Union, Shroud, Attertech Order. The Master Consol also has final say on matters involving internal conflict over League law.
The word of a Master Consul carries weight, but they don’t ‘rule’ the organization. This position is the head of the Consul Assembly. In that role, when the Consuls cannot agree on a matter, it’s up to the Master Consul to negotiate a decision or provide the tie-breaking vote.
Master Consuls hold this position for a term of two years. After that, they must step down for three years before being eligible for re-election to that role.

Dispatch Captain

This role is considered the lynch pin role of any division. Dispatch Captains are experienced Wayfarer Riders who manage drafting, distribution, and validation of writs. A very important job, these people are the ones that hand out the work to the Wayfarer Riders. They are also the ones who validate writs when the work is complete, check if one has been falsified and more.
In many ways, a Dispatch Captain is directly in charge of Wayfarer Riders in local areas, such as a city. The riders reporting to a Dispatch Captain are considered the Dispatch Captain’s ‘teamers’.

First Rider

The last rank, beyond the common Wayfarer Rider position, is the ‘First Rider’. These are the apprentices or students of the craft. A First Rider studies for six years, learning the roles, responsibilities and more of a Wayfarer Rider. During that time, they are expected to select areas of focused study that they will use during their time as a Wayfarer Rider. This could be linguistics, geology, solar theory, Wave theory, and more.

Not for us, but for all

Founding Date
1908 AF
Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
The League, Wayfarers
Training Level
Wayfarers, Way Riders
Leader Title
Notable Members
  • Master Consul
  • Consul
  • Dispatch Captain
  • Wayfarer Rider
  • First Rider Apprentice


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Yep, this makes me want to touch up the Guild of Lore in my own world. I do like the idea of these places becoming large organizations that are set out to preserve relics and other things. The fact theirs rival organizations that seem to do the same thing is pretty intriguing. I can't imagine a spat between two folks going after the same thing.

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Oh, it depends on which two groups and the end goal. If one is for study and to preserve a relic, while the other is to sell it or use it for purposes of political or other manipulation... yep there could be a spat!   I've always like the idea of organizations or groups setting out to rediscover the past yet for very very different goals.

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Yes, with the "world that has survived a global catastrophe in the past that obscured their history" as icing on the cake! :D