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Skyroot Family

The Skyroots are a close-knit and welcoming Rol'nara family, as is tradition. They live together in the Skyroot family home, working together to care for and support each other.


The Skyroot family has no official titles, aside from the standard familial labels of parents, siblings, children, and such. Each member has a role to play within the inner workings of the family, typically selected by the individual performing that role based upon their own strengths and enjoyments, although more often assigned by an adult in the case of the younger children.   Mama is the heart of the Skyroot family, holding the family together with her warmth, love, and domineering presence around the cooking pot during the daily family cooking rituals. Her brother-in-law Uncle Tou'pan leads the efforts on maintenance of the family home.   Tianna serves as the primary caregiver for the children, looking out for their physical, mental, and educational needs. Grammy Fangfin and Uncle Tou'pan assist in these efforts. Gianna also helps by watching her younger siblings in a limited capacity, especially Baby Mia'ra. No'lan performs small age appropriate tasks around the house, such as procuring and boiling water at meal times or gathering the materials needed to repair the roof thatching.   Papa, A'drol, Nai'a, and Lyrianne each hold jobs outside of the home, pooling their funds to help maintain and sustain the family. A'drol also applies his expertise as a Healer towards the family's needs, while Lyrianne's skills as a Clothier also serve to clothe her family and create toys for the children.   If one family member is finding difficulty in fulfilling their own tasks to support the family other members of the family are quick to step in to see to the well-being of that member, in addition to stepping in to cover their roles in the interim.


The Skyroots are a loving multi-generational family living the embodiment of Rol'nara traditions and cultures. Meal times serve as the centerpiece of the family, bringing everyone together in communal labor and conversation during the preparation, consumption, and clean up after each meal. Guests are welcomed with open arms and immediately assigned their own role to assist with the meals in the traditional expression of welcome and hospitality.   They are also firm believers in the Three Songs, although each has their own interpretation of exactly what that means. They hold true to the belief that everyone's unique life song has value to the whole, and encourage their family members to pursue their own dreams and passions to find their own place in life.

Public Agenda

Love and encouragement are the core of the Skyroot family's goals, both for members of the family and for any individuals they meet in their daily lives. These goals remain the same even in their private lives away from the prying eyes of the world. They believe in supporting each other when working towards their dreams and aspirations, but also when confronting failures and setbacks along the way. The family strives to uphold the tenets of the Three Songs, embracing their own strengths and flaws while navigating both the stability and the changes of life.


The Skyroots don't have much in the way of physical wealth or treasure, but they are rich with love for each other. The Skyroot family home is a standard Rol'nara dwelling, well maintained and lived in, housing the extended Skyroot family in typical Rol'nara fashion.   Mama Skyroot possesses a large collection of heirloom cooking pots, pans, and implements, acquired through the years from friends and extended family. They are worn with heavy use and still responsible for fulfilling their own roles in providing at least two family meals a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.   Toys in every variety belonging to Tianna and A'drol's children can be found tucked away in a worn toy chest. Many have been passed down through generations and would carry great value to a collector were it not for the decades of wear and tear and childish joys inflicted upon them. Each toy carries its own memories and adventures, branching through the Skyroot and Fangfin family trees into the present.   The Skyroots have all they truly need out of life, and they are content.


The Skyroot lineage is an old lineage by Rol'nara standards, although in typical Rol'nara fashion this does not confer any extra status or respect beyond what is earned through their daily interactions with others. Papa enjoys regaling friends and strangers alike with tales of a distant ancestor's participation in the breeding programs for the portal horse, followed by a conspiritorial whisper explaining this as the source of his natural talents with the horses as the Portal Exchange, but the validity of this claim has never been officially verified as the truth doesn't truly matter.   Papa met Mama while he was serving as a Portal Guide and was immediately smitten by the reserved young dracoling. Upon discovering she tended the till at a small shop in his portal city he began to spend his work breaks visiting her with gifts and jokes in an effort to lighten her day. He soon won her heart and within a few short years she had willingly relocated to join him on Rol'na to start a family, although it was nearly eight years before he succeeded to convince her to marry him.   Over the passage of time their immediate family grew, eventually reaching three children, three grandchildren, and a daughter-in-law. Through this time the pair grew closer, both to each other and to their family and friends, until their world was turned upside down 28 years after their marriage. Mama was diagnosed with dementia and officially transferred to the House of Flowers to live the rest of her days as a treasured Prophet of the Three Songs. The turmoil of this change is still new, and the family grown even closer as each member struggles to come to terms with exactly what this change means for them.
Ethnicity | Feb 7, 2021

Responsible for maintaining The Portal Exchange, the Rol'nara have developed a rich, vibrant and diverse culture due to their frequent contact with travelers while maintaining their own isolated towns and cities on the plane of Rol'na.

Three Songs
Organization | Jan 10, 2021

Native to Rol'na, the Three Songs Church believes in the balance of joys and sorrows, change and consistency.

Species | Nov 1, 2020

One of the more noticeable descendants of the Redaxx, Dracolings' leathery skin has developed into a hardened scale-like texture. Most Dracolings have also inherited a natural adeptness to magic.

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