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Rol'nara Wedding Ceremony

In keeping with the Rol'nara values of community and fellowship, Rol'nara wedding celebrations are a profession of love, family, and friendship, celebrated and shared around a communal stew. Each participant and guest shares their love of the marrying individuals with the rest of the attendees, starting with the couple's closest friends, then the couple themselves, and finally the rest of the guests. These celebrations have been known to last for days.


The ceremony begins with the Masters of Spoons greeting the couple's favorite Portal Horses before addressing the betrothed couple with a sentimental memory of time spent together and well wishes for future happiness. The Masters of Spoons then take their place with the Wedding Feast Stew preparations and begin to accept the gifted food items for inclusion into the stew.   The happy couple will then stand beneath the wedding arbor, typically constructed with living Sagewood, and profess their intentions towards each other in front of their guests. The couple then offer their betrothed's portal horse a treat. The horse's acceptance of the gift signifies their acceptance of the spouse, and the marriage is officially sealed once both horses have consumed the offered item.   After this each guest takes a turn addressing the crowd and the couple with cherished memories of time spent with the couple and well wishes for future happiness. This continues until all guests have offered their blessings, although in especially large gatherings the majority of well wishes are presented while also enjoying the Wedding Feast Stew, which is available for consumption once done stewing.

Components and tools

Sagewood typically features prominently in a Rol'nara wedding ceremony, as a symbol of good fortune for the happiness and longevity of the wedding. Any Portal Horses belonging to the engaged couple also feature prominently, as is Rol'nara custom.


Attendees are selected by the betrothed couple with some input from their families. Typical celebrations include friends and extended family, with some including influential cultural or political leaders held in high regard by the couple. All celebration attendees are responsible for providing ingredients to add to the Wedding Feast Stew after the wedding ceremony, while the Masters of Spoons split their attention between the wedding ceremony and the stew preparations.


The dates of the wedding celebration are selected by the betrothed couple. The sacred Sagewood is considered a sign of good fortune for the ensuing marriage, and so dates are typically selected to coincide with the sagewood's growing season. The marriage ceremony itself is typically held in the morning while the Wedding Feast Stew and its revelries can last upwards of a week dependent upon the size of the families of the now-married couple.
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