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Responsible for maintaining The Portal Exchange, the Rol'nara have developed a rich, vibrant and diverse culture due to their frequent contact with travelers across all of Fillimet while maintaining their own isolated towns and cities on the plane of Rol'na.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

In Rol'nare culture the 'i' and 'y' sounds are considered feminine, and therefore feature prominently in female names.  
A'dril, Ail'nara, Cia'lna, Dyala, Fai'la, Gianna, Hay'lia, Illianar, Kay'la, Lai'na, Lyra, Lyrian, Mia'ra, Nai'a, Rai'lar, Siara, Tianna, Ti'pan, Via'la

Masculine names

Male names feature the stereotypically masculine 'o' or occasionally 'u' sounds, although rarely contain both.  
A'drol, Coa'lna, Dro'lan, A'vor, Far'lor, Fur'stav, Loruan, Mur'dor, No'lan, Ru'lar, Soaru, Sull, Tou'pan, Wal'dor

Unisex names

Unisex names usually contain both the masculine 'o' or 'u' and the feminine 'i' or 'y' . The 'e' sound is also considered gender neutral, and therefore denotes a name as genderless. It is quite common for Rol'nara to add or swap vowels in their name throughout their lifetime as they explore their own identity.  
Alia'nora, Dro'lyn, Dro'len, E'dril, Elannia, Fur'staiv, Gianno, Illianor, Kay'lor, Lyrianne, Mio,'ra, Nia'lor, Rus'ly, Siull, Tianno, Xar'diore

Family names

When Rol'nara marry most retain their family name, while their children are gifted a new family name based upon a combination of their parents'. Newcomers moving to Rol'na typically choose a new family name for themselves, or adopt the name of the family who sponsored them. As a result traditional family names typically contain two parts, usually based upon nature themes.  
Barkroot, Cloudray, Fogsong, Joybrook, Larkspark, Moonglow, Mountainhorse, Pebblesilk, Rockwing, Rootbend, Skyfall, Snaketalon, Treefang, Wolfdeer, Windsong


Average technological level

The Rol'nara are keepers of Portal Travel, maintaining The Portal Exchange and enforcing its rules. As a group they are well versed in portal magic in all its forms.

Common Etiquette rules

As Portal Horses are such an integral part of Rol'naran society it is customary to also address an individual's nearby horses when addressing the individual, as if they will also be participating in the conversation.

Common Dress code

The Rol'nara prefer brightly dyed clothing in lightweight materials such as silk or silkweed. The colors are generally selected to best match any magical coloration of the wearer, and are frequently custom tailored to show off different sections of skin patterns the wearer finds pleasing to their eyes. Looselyform fitting clothing patterns are typically preferred for most occasions as this allows for ease in riding horseback, although the more affluent members of Rol'naran society frequently wear loose, billowing clothing in multiple layered tiers to readily show off the coloration of their multi-horse teams pulling their carriages.

Art & Architecture

"Horse Painting" is an art form unique to the Rol'nara, due to their breeding and use of Portal Horses for the Exchange. The horses with the most fantastical yet pleasing to the eye markings are highly prized among the people of Rol'na , and so many breeders put great effort into exposing their pregnant mares to the magic fields in various ways in efforts to influence the markings of their offspring.   While the resultant markings were once considered random many horse painters have since discovered ways to influence the colors or patterns by which specific portals the horses use and the angle and speed of travel through them. As a result a "Painted Portal Horse" is worth a considerable amount depending upon the skill and renown of the breeder.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Communal meals among family and close friends remain a central part of Rol'nara culture, particularly Breakfast. The usual Rol'nara diet revolves around fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Meats are typically accompanied by water based broths, which are sometimes thickened with flour depending upon the meal. Meat fats are cooked or boiled with meals for flavoring but are cut or strained from the meal before serving. True dairy is traditionally reserved for children and adolescents, with most recipes utilizing milks, butters, and cheeses handmade from soaked nuts or grains.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Rol'nara Funeral Celebration is a joyful celebration of the deceased's impact on their friends and family. In respect to the dead, mourners will paint their own Portal Horses with a layer of dark funerary mud and ride their horses in parade formation around the individual's hometown. The deceased's portal horses are left unmuddied, to show their natural coloration. The procession ends at the deceased's house where mourners rinse off their horses and join the deceased's family for a life celebration complete with multi-colored fireworks and boisterous singing. These celebrations can last for days if the deceased was a beloved member of the community.


Beauty Ideals

Just as the Portal Horses are prized for their markings, the Rol'nara themselves also find the magical Portal Marks from repeated Portal Travel to be attractive on each other. More vibrant colors and patterns are considered a sign of good fortune and a strong work ethic. As a result most children work for The Portal Exchange until they are old enough to be apprenticed elsewhere, to allow them to develop their own magical skin designs.

Relationship Ideals

"Wake. Up."   The demand cut through Shia'ra dreams. She let out a groan, her hand instinctively reaching towards her husband's now empty spot. Still warm. She could rest a bit before joining him and their parents in the breakfast preparations.   "Get up!" Little hands tried to roll her off the mattress with urgent confidence.   "I need to sleep, Noru," she groaned, eyes still closed. Her hand brushed against a small head of tight curls, then a soft face framed with thick, long hair. She slowly opened her eyes. A'vor and Tipani were still sound asleep, the little rascals, their breath even and calm despite Noru's antics. Good.   Her view was suddenly obstructed by a pair of warm brown eyes, a button nose, and a joyous collection of tiny teeth. "Hi Mama! Play!" His hands were on her face now, one on each cheek, the soft skin of his palms warm against the morning chill.   "Are you hungry, babykins?" She carefully lifted her breast through the neckline of her nightdress, wiggling it enticingly. She watched his impossibly large smile grow larger as he recognized the offer.   He turned back to her with a mischievous grin, before returning his attention to her nipple and latching on with a sudden ferocity that would surprise anyone but a mother. She felt her breasts respond to his suckling, the thick warm milk flowing freely with each pull.   Shia'ra closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around Noru protectively. "I love you, little one," she whispered. He snuggled in closer, his fingers wrapping instinctively around one of hers. The precocious toddler was an efficient eater; the snack wouldn't occupy him for long. But it did buy her a few more moments before facing the day.   A few more moments of bliss.
  Rol'nara society is built around the importance of community, friends, and family. Households commonly consist of multiple generations, and children frequently share a bed with their parents until they are old enough to regularly assist with household tasks.

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