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House of Flowers

The House of Flowers is a living temple constructed around live plants of the sacred Sagewood. It is built to house and care for the blessed prophets of the Goddesses of the Three Songs, as well as the prophets' caretakers. Its large entryway hall is arranged to allow for visits from the faithful to request guidance from the Goddesses, while the surrounding private rooms and detached huts allow for personal space for the prophets or for private visits from their immediate family.   The House of Flowers is especially breathtaking during the Festival of Flowers, when the Sagewood flower and the great hall fills will pilgrims seeking favor and guidance from the living representatives of the Goddesses.

Purpose / Function

The House of Flowers is a religious site housing the blessed prophets of the Goddesses of the Three Songs. According to the Three Songs, those with Dementia in the Rol'nara community are giving up their own lives and memories in exchange for direct communion with the Goddesses, as a reward for a life well lived. At the House of Flowers these individuals are provided with all the needs and comforts their position deserves, and made available to those among the public who are seeking guidance in their lives from the Goddesses.


As the House of Flowers is a living building, care and maintenance is required to train the growth of the Sagewood, adjust walls as needed, and of course maintain the health of the trees themselves.


The support structure of the House of Flowers is constructed entirely of living Sagewood, planted and cultivated to provide structure and beauty to the building. When walls are needed between Sagewood plants the palm fibers of the Chromatic Palm are used, as typical in most personal Rol'nara structures, with the fronds of the chromatic palm held together with loosely woven palm fibers forming the roof. Unlike most Rol'nara structures the fabrics are not dyed but rather left in their natural greens and browns, as it is believed sacrilege to distract from the sacred Sagewood.
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