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Kay'la (a.k.a. Her Royal Highness)

Kay'la is a temperamental portal horse, an unusual trait among portal horses. Formerly the beloved horse of No'lan Fintail and companion in his work as a Portal Guide, she has recently granted her trust to Nai'a Skyroot.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kay'la bears the standard stocky yet muscular build of a purebred portal horse. Now in her senior years she has begun to show signs of her age, but her stubbornness keeps her moving and hauling almost as much as she could at peak health. Nai'a does her best to avoid overtaxing the beloved horse.

Body Features

Originally a dapple gray in her youth, Kay'la's many portal trips have left her hide a patchwork rainbow of portal marks. Only her hooves retain their original deep gray coloration.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kay'la was put out to pasture early in her youth due to her temperamental and skittish nature, an unusual trait among portal horses and undesirable for working the Portal Exchange. No'lan Fintail happened upon the spirited horse during one of her many escapes from paddock and persuaded her owner to part with her in exchange for several cooking pots crafted by his wife Lia'na.   From that point on the two were inseparable. Eventually No'lan was able to earn Kay'la's trust, first permitting him to guide her through the portals and eventually allowing the use of her muscle to pull carts during the trip. This same courtesy did not extend to any of No'lan's coworkers at the exchange, of course! Kay'la made it clear that No'lan alone was her partnered Portal Guide, frequently using bites or kicks to drive home the message.   The portal horse grew to enjoy her trips with the elder Fintail, and grew into a deep depression upon his death. It was only after years of patience that Nai'a Skyroot was able to earn the now elderly Kay'la's trust and friendship, eventually taking No'lan's place as her only trusted rider and Guide.



Kay'la shies away from anything new or unusual, although can be coaxed to overcome that fear when under the reigns of a trusted rider. When in the company of her rider her steps take on a happy prance and she seems to stand taller.   She will not do anything she does not want to do, and can only rarely be pursuaded to reverse her refusals. This has earned her the nickname of "Her Royal Magesty" among those familiar with her antics. She seems to appreciate the nickname, frequently adopting an almost regal pose when the phrase is used in her presence.
Current Location
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

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