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Portal Guide

A well-respected profession, the Portal Guide is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of those using their assigned portal. They also verify each traveler possesses the correct Portal Token for their desired destination. Only the Rol'nara may serve as Guides.


Payment & Reimbursement

Portal Guides do not receive a salary, as their work is viewed as a privilege and highly prestigious. They do typically receive tips from those escorted through the portals, sometimes via Portal Silks but more commonly in the form of a sampling of the goods or items carried by the travelers or merchants.

Other Benefits

In addition to the standard pay Portal Guides are also free to use their assigned portal as often as desired during their personal time at no cast. As a result many Guides request assignment to portals near family or in cities where they have a personal interest.



A Portal Guide is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of those using their assigned portal. This involves repeat trips through the portal throughout the course of their shift. They are also responsible for verifying each traveler has the necessary Portal Token for their desired destination.   Portal Guides also provide travelers with a Portal Horse when required to bring vehicles through the portal. These horses typically belong to the Guide although some Rol'nara will loan their horses to The Portal Exchange in the hope that the additional exposure to portal magic will add additional coloration to the horse.

Social Status

Service as a Portal Guide is a standard rite of passage among the Rol'nara, with some electing to remain with The Portal Exchange after their typical term of service expires. To become a Guide an individual must be Rol'nara, either by birth or by full acceptance into life in the more private villages of Rol'na away from the Exchange. As a result of this as well as their great service towards those utilizing Portal Travel they are generally viewed very favorably across Fillimet.



Portal Guides are responsible for providing Portal Horses for those bringing wagons through the portals. These horses are typically the personal property of the Guides themselves.

Dangers & Hazards

Portal Guides make extremely frequent trips through portals on a daily basis and are therefore exposed to significant levels of portal magic. As a result their skin takes on the multicolored patterns and markings caused by this exposure, just like the Portal Horses they loan to travelers. This coloration is only superficial and does not cause any ill effects, but it has become a major part of Rol'nara culture.
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"As a result their skin takes on the multicolored patterns and markings caused by this exposure"   That's really trippy! Does this apply to items, clothings and food stuffs, too? Is there any attempts to deliberately soak something (or someone) in the magic energy for science/fun/punishment? :O

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Just living creatures, so most notably the

Ethnicity | Feb 7, 2021

Responsible for maintaining The Portal Exchange, the Rol'nara have developed a rich, vibrant and diverse culture due to their frequent contact with travelers while maintaining their own isolated towns and cities on the plane of Rol'na.

and their Portal Horses, although you could do other animals and even plants as well. The Rol'nara even have an artform based around it, in the form of "Painted Portal Horses" which are prized even more depending upon the artist. The effects are of course stronger on those still developing so its very common for people to volunteer their pregnant mares for Portal trips, and pregnant Rol'nara also like to work the portals during early pregnancy to ensure their children develop the markings (since they are considered a sign of beauty and are *not* passed on genetically).

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