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Portal Token

A Portal Token allows the owner to travel via The Portal Exchange to an eligible destination portal. These tokens are keyed to the life force of the user to prevent misuse through appearance eltering spells, and are non-transferable unless exchanged at an official Portal Token Office. Each life form of any variety is required to obtain a Portal Token to pass through the portals safely. This includes pets and plants, a measure taken after a pregnant Dragonette was accidentally transported to Rol'na via a traveler's pocket.   Portal Tokens can be single use or multiple uses, either set to a specific quantity or to expire on a specific date. They are linked to a specific portal or a collection of portals and can only be used to access those particular portals. The sale of a Portal Token to a particular traveler must be approved by the registrar for the destination city or nation.   These are all safety features to avoid security issues that would undermine the neutrality of The Portal Exchange in times of war, in reaction to various attempts by others to invade an opponent via Portal Travel.
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