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Dragonettes are playful reptiles with the appearance of a miniature dragon and the mentality of a three year old child. They enjoy a very social existence, playing amongst their collective with any items that catch their eye. Unfortunately this also means they can be quite destructive, which is why Dragonettes are generally considered pests.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

These destructive clowns were originally native to Nomura and Khalembra but have found their way to most continents of Fillimet as an invasive species. They prefer to reside near settlements of any size due to the many opportunities presented for scavenging.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dragonettes are opportunistic omnivores and will eat whatever strikes their fancy. They are capable of digging up flowers and smaller plants to eat the tender roots and stems along with whatever insects called the root system home, but have also been spotted stealing bites from prey brought down by large carnivores.

Additional Information


While generally regarded as pests, the Dragonette's above average intelligence for a creature of its type, coupled with the species' resemblance to Dragons, has resulted in a small but growing community advocating for Dragonettes as pets. Kept in captivity and safely indoors the otherwise shortly-lived Dragonette can survive a healthy lifestyle upwards of 25 years.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Lord Rupert Malogin has written a large tome of recipes, Dining on Dragonette, in an effort to regain his former renown as a world class Chef.

Average Intelligence

Studies have shows that Dragonettes are remarkably intelligent compared to similar creatures, with a mentality similar to that of a three year old child.
Scientific Name
Dactyloidae dracus
2 years
Conservation Status
Highly Common
Average Weight
5 to 10 lbs
Average Length
6 to 12 inches

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