Dining on Dragonette

Malay has a dragonette problem. The combination of a prosperous city surrounded by fertile fields growing countless crops has proven an attractive source of food and entertainment to the mischievous dragonettes, and their population has subsequently exploded.   Lord Rupert Malogin published a cookbook full of recipes centered around the consumption of dragonette in an effort to help combat the threat, and as a campaign to regain at least some of his popularity after losing his career upon the contraction of Vampirism. While the book did little to assuage distrust against Lord Malogin, it did open up the consumption of dragonette to a more mainstream audience. As a result dragonette is generally considered a delicacy in Malay in spite of its ready availability.


Dining on Dragonette contains a collection of recipes involving the consumption of dragonette. It was written by Lord Rupert Malogin as one of his many efforts to resume his former place as the premier chef of Fillimet in spite of his Vampirism, and specifically targeted for use in Malay due to the overabundant population of the invasive dragonette.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Many citizens of Malay embraced the cookbook with open arms, marveling at the variety of dishes and flavors built around eating the dragonette. Others rejected it, unable to consider eating dragonette in the first place, although a few adapted the recipes to use other meats in place of the dragonette.   Unfortunately for Lord Rupert Malogin, opinions on the cookbook did little to improve his standing within society at large. Even a successful cookbook could not counteract the stigma of Vampirism.
Manual, Culinary

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