Watcher's Blade (Totem)

Following watching the footage of Immuena's head being thrown into the Kiln at Kilnrest:
Sorja watched, placid, more interested in the remnants on the table.   "-That wasn't an imposter,-" he said, grunting after he had watched it a couple times. He returned to the table, and she saw his hand sign something as meta flowed around his fingers. Divination. Auric.   "The limbsflood had many souls within it—it's holding onto them, devouring them slowly. It's using them. Like everything else on this world, it's acting as a tomb, mulching them into itself in the purest way.-"   He was openly impressed.   He drew a small knife from his hip with a lock of white hair spun around the hilt. He tugged the hair off and tossed it aside, instantly forgotten and discarded in favor of Immuena's. He braided and tied Immuena's lock, fastening it to the hilt as he murmured.   "-Watchers beyond the blade heed my call;
witness and watch me and those abound;
by with whispered words and careful breaths;
tell me when this creature is around.-"
  "-Souls are sturdy. They don't care what they're in so long as it can fit them. But they like to be whole; so long as you know how to listen they'll tell you where the rest of them is."   He flipped the knife in hand as he looked meaningfully at Allarah, then tucked it into its sheath. "-I'll tell you when she's around. I need this, too," he said, snatching up the vial of blood.   "-I knew Immuena was a whore the moment I laid eyes on her. She spread her legs for anyone, so it's no surprised she spread them wide enough to get us all fucked. Whatever she's done, she's done of her own will. Hate her, it will make killing her a pleasure.-"
(Ch2B1: Sea of Ghosts)

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