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Perduro, latin for Endure, stands proud as the home planet for The Free Planet Federation. Having served its purpose since its declaration, Perduro provides the FPF with a beacon of hope and an economic base as long as it stands.


Perduro's discovery occurred in only decades before the Melancholic Lacuna. The journal of the founder, Artosen Khandea II (Digger), describes the mission of combing for minerals in one of the largest asteroid belts ever recorded. The uncovering of a habitable planet was an accident, a very happy accident that helped secure another massive fortune for Digger and his Company.  
You know what's funny? How Perduro was a total fucking accident. Combing through a bunch of Iridium heavy asteroids in The 898-A7 Belt. That's when I divved it, that big gem of a rock hidden behind it all. I didn't believe my eyes at first. I chugged my beer and checked again. Brighter than ever. When I saw that fresh land and blue ocean through the belt was probably the first time I cracked a sober grin in a decade.
  Perduro was rich in resources, had plenty of lands to settle, and required no terraforming. Every Banner showed Digger Company a hefty check, asking for the coordinates and rights to the planet. Digger decided to let the Jupiter Syndicate run the planet under the condition that it is his corporation that runs the planetary affairs. The contract was signed and Perduro was settled.   The planet only reached a million colonists before the Melancholic Lacuna hit, separating the world from the rest of the universe. The population settled in despite being shut out from the core worlds, managing not only to survive, but thrive. With Digger Company still running Perduro, the planet amassed a massive stockpile of wealth, creating its own industry around rare minerals and metals. It had everything it needed to maintain its own fleet and even began grav-towing asteroids into orbit to form colonies.   When the WayHall to Perduro reopened, the Syndicate found a world stronger than a majority of their core planets. When they approached Digger Company to ask them to return to the Syndicate they declined and offered to trade instead. They maintained total independence from any banner until they were approached by The Archive who worked with Digger Company to form their own banner, known now as The Free Planet Federation I

Physical Characteristics

The System that Perduro is in contains one smaller star and one of the largest Asteroid belts recorded. Perduros Orbit is 276 days, and an axial tilt grants Perduro similar seasons to Jhoutai and Earth.   Perduro is approximately twice the size of earth, with a total landmass about one and a half times of Earth's own. Massive seas cover 78 percent of the planet's surface. Cragged mountain lines carve through six of the seven continents, all continents but one have points that touch the equator, leading to very few areas that are uninhabitable.   The planet is comparably young to many core worlds, and youth comes with tantrums. Chains of Volcanos are still active amongst the tectonic barriers. Cascading volcanic eruptions blot out the sky with ash every other decade, causing miniature ice ages and volcanic fallout. Hazardous but valuable materials still lay buried in the crust, and the geological makeup of the planet is always shifting

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Sophont Diversity

Human 33%
Sazashi 35%
Verin 30%
Other 2%

Primary Languages

Ubiq 70%
Saza 10%
Aeai 6%
Earthen 11%
Other 4%

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I'd say another amazingly written article for Ethnis, but you have an extra "the" in the first paragraph.   More seriously, very detailed! I wish I understood tables, as that statistics section is nice!

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Thanks homie! Fixed. Tables are simple man, it's like rows and columns!


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But how?[/I]

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Excellent as always, as Heath mentioned the details are stunning. Always a pleasure to read.

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Thanks James! Glad you enjoyed


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"The planet is comparably young to many core worlds, and youth comes with tantrums" - and that is just one example for some truly excellent phrases used in this article. Well-crafted and overall enjoyable to read. Your in-world quote was very entertaining and gave a lot of character to this brief article.   If I had to make one or two suggestions, it would be a) to add a one sentence tooltip to "Melancholic Lacuna" and b) to till the empty space under your sidebar with an article block. My suggestion would be the article on sophonce, which seems like a slick thing to link underneath the statistics to me.

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Them's some good ideas! We need a article for this MelanCholic Lacuna probably. I'll experiment with a link out to the Sophont introduction, we need to write that one too!   Thanks for the feedback!


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