Perdurite Mining League

Looking out across Digger's Claim we're already seeing a whole lot of activity in the field! Teams are turning up and prepping their equipment by the kiosks and the crowds are already filling up the stands.

Beautiful day for it too! The Sun's still a brilliant red from last night's eruption, and based on our geological surveys we should see a whole new layer of pyroclastic goodness for our teams to work through. We still do see some tremors though, so no doubt there's going to be some real excitement today especially if any teams decide to brave the lava tubes today.

We're expecting the kick off the mining with Digger overseeing the Perdurian Anthem in about an hours time here, stay tuned with us though as we break down some of the newest teams and tools to hit the P.M.L.

— Perdurite Mining League Announcer

The Perdurite Mining League is the Digger Co.-operated organization that serves multiple purposes all related to the extraction of Perdurite ore from the fields of Perduro.

It's first purpose, and the one it's most known for, is broadcasting and promoting the daily mining activities. These broadcasts are run akin to most sports broadcasts, where announcers break down the actions of the individual teams as they make their ways into the field. It is known to be a brutal cast, that does not shy away from the dangers of Perdurite mining. Deaths are not an uncommon occurance and are discussed just like any other incident live.

The second and original purpose of the Mining League is to help ensure fair and just practices in the mining of Perdurite. Some tools are banned from use, and sabotaguing other teams is strictly prohibited. The constant broadcasted nature of the Perdurite Mining League means that most foul-play can be quickly caught and exposed.


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