Party Popper

One bad idea over the line

And the guns are rockin' and the battle's hot so I start Party Poppin and they get droppin!
— A wild Craver, before throwing Party Poppers into an active riot.
  Party Poppers are drug-laced smoke and vapor bombs frequently employed by Hedon in both the military and public sectors. They range in size from the titular Popper, which produces a smoke cloud about 2 meters in diameter, to the Goner Grenades which can fill a space 10m in diameter.   Due to the widespread legality of Drugs within Ethnis, particularly within Hedon, ambitious methods of dispersion were developed. Inspired by smoke grenades, vaporization and smoke bombs were developed which allowed the user to input a phial of their drug of choice. Due to the nature of dispersion, drugs distributed by Party Poppers are limited to inhalants.  

Combat Useage

Typical that Hedon would wage war using drugs.
Syndicate General
While not originally intended, it did not take long for Poppers to see use in battle. They are useless in the theater of war, but in domestic battles against targets who do not have respirators they are a weapon of choice.


Poppers are the iconic symbol of a party starting in Hedon.

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Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Common within space owned by Apple of Hedonism.


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