The Sword of The Somnolent

Written by Ademal

He eclipsed all in the field. Acres of cashmere and silk robes folded and fluttered among each other, conspiring with the great scroll of his Somme to veil the bottomless shadow within. Two halos, one of beryl and the other of gold, spin around a head as large as a tall man, the latter bearing the words WEIGHED IN THE NAME OF THE SOMNOLENT, YOU ARE FOUND WANTING. Seven wings oriented around his concentric halos, six of them gossamer woven light, and the seventh made of steel and damnation, the holy flaming sword he used to mete out justice.  
The Somme of Renatus Ophanim Renatus Ophanim Balance Seraphim The sword of God   Honored with meting Justice and Mercy to the sinful and the infirm With exacting the will of The Somnolent   He Brings:   Abolishment to shackles Repentance to sin Damnation to traitors   He is the Bastion of Mankind, from this day until Armageddon May we all aspire to mirror the depth of his devotion to THE LORD May we all achieve the Strength found in his Blade, in the beating of his Wings May we all be weighed and found just in his verdant gaze   Ophanim Protects

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90' tall

Cover image: Seraphim Ophanim by Ademal
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