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Night Vision (Trait)

The ability to see in the dark, natural or genestructed

Written by Ademal

Human Disadvantage

When Humanity met the Sazashi and Verin, they found themselves at a slight disadvantage regarding night vision. Both Verin and the Sazashi (whom the Verin had bestowed with eyes similar to their own) had natural, powerful retroreflectors in their eyes.   This made night combat much easier and cost effective for Sazashi invaders on Earth and Mars than it did for standard human infantry, which ended up being one of many contributors to Sazashi victory.

A Cure

One of the tweaks Humanity has made to its genetic code is the addition of tapetum lucidum to their eyes, granting them night vision.   Save for a few puritanical groups or some humans abandoned during the Melancholic Lacuna, all humans have night vision as strong as that of a Verin or Sazashi. Sunglasses and goggles are a common fashion accessory as a result.


Most Sophont can see eyeshine when they look into eachother's eyes. Someone with a discerning eye can use this to tell Sophont apart in the dark.   Eyeshine is a common fashion accessory, and EyeShine Implants sell especially well.


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