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Written by Barron

Quartz is a mineral consisting of silicon and oxygen atoms combined to formed a family of hardened crystals that can have a multitude of appearance and uses based on any additional elements that are included. While previously common on Earth, Quartz has been the subject of many wars on Jhoutai


Quartz is a powerful battery-like component used in Psiolic Armament. It can be used to store meta power either raw or in pre-programmed spells. The hardness of Quartz is what gives it such power in Metaphysics, it is not to hard to be difficult to program but it is also hard enough to hold on to whatever meta is put within.


Quartz is commonly used in civilian application to hold spells used for everyday life. Portable air conditioning through an energy spell, storage of assisting kinetic spells, among many other applications makes Quartz a valuable material in every day life.


Quartz is also used for military purposes, it is the most common material used in meta-storage for dangerous spells. Allowing it to act like a grenade when shattered. It is also used to power Meta Raiments.

A Rare Mineral

Unlike on Eden, Jhoutai did not have much quartz within its crust. What parts of the world did have quartz, often began conflict zones or powerful countries. Mining was a dangerous but profitable venture. It wasn't until Eden was discovered that another source of Quartz became available.

Pillaging of Eden

During The Advent War and for many decades later, the abundance of Quartz on Eden made it a prime target for strip-mining both legal and illegal. The Aempian Government, hungry to use Quartz in their Meta were quick to force humans to give up land so they can mine the quartz underneath.

Banning and Synthesis

It wasn't until The Somnolent came to power that Quartz mining became an almost impossible venture. The introduction of Quartz synthesis has made mining quartz a nearly obsolete practice.

With the invention of mineral synthesis, the ability to print perfect crystals a a very low cost caused Meta technology to entire a new golden age. Quartz was as common as silicon, it was during this time that Humanity learned of its unique powers, and began to use the quartz surplus to advance their own schools of magic.


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 22

Write about a material which is extracted, mined or quarried from the ground.

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