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Crimson Fume

Crimson Fume is a family of chemical compounds used first in warfare. The red gas can spread into ventalation and over a battlefield, where it causes hallucenigenic hysteria, increased heart rate, and rabid anger. In warfare it was used to destabilize front lines, and was first introduced by the Syndicate as a way to 'let the enemy fight itself.'

While effective for a few battles, enemies soon developed countermeasures and the compound fell into usage in less regulated hands.

Crimson Fume also gets its name from the bleeding eyes that are common from people suffering its effects.

As we march, a faint red mist flowed around our feet and licked at our noses. It smelled of iron and copper, burning my nostrils. Discomfort devolved to anger before we knew what the red mist did. I wiped my own blood from my eyes, and witnessed the laughing monstrosities that had taken over my friends.

They wouldn't take me! I wouldn't let them!

— Unfortunate Soul

Inhaled through the lungs.

Causes tear ducts to bleed

Effects May Stack

Stacks up Berserk Status, which if it gets to rank 5, character has to attack nearest target

Six Base Difficulty to Resist

Is preventable by envirosuit

Can be cured with Clean Slate

by Midjourney
by Midjourney
Pictured Above - Spent illegally produced pocket cartridges of Crimson Fume, imperfections in fabrication can lead to a grainy powder left over after activation.

Pictured Left - An expended Federation produced Crimson Fume Grenade.


Crimson Fume is not produced in high volumes, and what little is produced is either done safely in military complexes, or dangerously in the hands of underground gang facilities.

The resulting powder will evaporate on contact with air, and is packed into cartridges to be unsealed or as the payload in a grenade.

It can be easy to tell the high-production Crimson Fume, as low quaility Fume cartridges will leave a resinous red powder after detonation


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