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Laugh at jokes millennia old, witness the entertainment of long ago. Tragedy, Comedy, Romance, and Horror! A CompendiPal captures it all like it was filmed yesterday.
  CompendiPal serves as the flagship product of organization. It is a streaming service and storage device dedicated to the preservation of old films and new films alike. Classics live on in CompendiPals, all converted from their old digital or even physical encoding to be displayed and auto translated at view time.   The CompendiPal acquisition team scours the Æthernet and libraries in every Banner for copies of media it has yet to document. When a new title is found, they convert it to the latest format and store it on their servers to be downloaded by any CompeniPal unit universe-wide.  
Psovod ran out of monster movies for me to watch. I tore up one piece of furniture every hour until he paid for a larger download budget. I got to tear up furniture, Psovod got more horror movies, and CompendiPal gets more money. Win-win-win.
— User Review from Dravec
  CompendiPals come as a handheld standalone or as an Communication Implant app. Depending on the users plan, they can receive up to thirty new movies a month stored on their device. Service is not guaranteed in places without solid Æthernet connection.  
The CompendiPal showed us "The Thing" today. I want to fight The Thing. Thanks CompendiPal.

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