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Tenchais' Groveback


Tenchais' Grovebacks are a large species of Groveback native to Jhoutai and used in terraformation of new worlds. The have wide, oblong bodies, and their back is a constantly re-cycling hide in which grows many molds and small species.

Valdutani cultivate the Grovebacks to grow rare mountain plants on their back, and will release them on long lines into the air to capture the sun and other elements they need to grow the plants.

In their old age, the grovebacks become landbound, and eventually take root to enter the last stage of their life, where they germinate fresh grovebacks.

Watching a shoal of grovebacks pass overhead is quite a sight, if you can find a telescope to watch them by. They are graceful, manta-shaped creatures with wings with feathers like that of a peacock. Their wings undulate as they fly, shaking loose the fungal spores which are mature enough to disseminate to the ground below.

— Yosef Riskov
1st Valdutan Envoy, 2208 ES



Cover image: by Ademal


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1 Jan, 2021 10:28

wait... are these plants that fly? or animals that turn into plants? either way that's pretty cool.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
2 Jan, 2021 01:10

These sound so beautiful. I love that they are used in terraforming new places and that they become one with the ground when they grow older.

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