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Crustarthroflect is the Genus classification of many of the species hailing from Jhoutai. They are characterized typically for their large size, aggressive nature, hard exoskeletons, cartliginous endoskeletons, and highly corrosive biles.   Many also display other distinct traits such as camouflage, tetrachromacy, neurotoxic spines, and countless other predation and defense mechanicsms.   While crustarthroflect are everywhere on Jhoutai, they are concentrated in the Corralums of the Jhoutai Table Coral, where the interwoven tunnels and chambers are easily adaptable into hives, and where they can eat the coral for nutrients and materials for their shells.   Due to the nature of the Corralums and their tendency to create pockets that come and go with the tides, there are countless microcosms with their own distinct ecosystem of unique crustarthroflect.

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Aeei word for what we consider bugs and crustaceans
Rut Olu
Rut creatures which are more akin to cephalophods or molluscs and can create a shell or live outside of it. Thought to be the older lineage to your standard Rut, whose shell is an inescapable exoskeleton


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