Union of the ValuSelu Pact

The Union is a representative council of the governing powers of Jhoutai. It is attended to by appointed representatives of each government, but it is not uncommon for the crowns of those nations to step in on a meeting.

The Union holds a moot every 2 LJS weeks (10 days).

A Grand Powerhouse

The Union was forged as part of the Bannercasting as a reaction to the Haimarchy's reformation from Vadakendanic to Vanthric and their sudden departure from Jhoutai to Anchaemo using the Tower Spoke to Anchaemo Index—an object which few remembered existed, and fewer could survive the perils of the Mar'rianiyah-Kril to reach.

Almost as soon as the Leviathan seed ships took off from Verra, Aempis and Valuser'rh called for a Pact Moot with every nation—a meeting which lasted weeks of around-the-clock negotiations between countries as they tried to turn over several thousand years of political turmoil to sign a new edition of the ValuSelu Pact which combined them into a global superentity—a Banner.

Aempis and Valuser'rh made it crystal clear that anyone who didn't sign the Pact was an enemy of Jhoutai. By their own words, the reformation of the Vadakendanic Procession into the Vanthric Haimarchy represented a potential new era of Verin supremacy.

— From the Journal of a Khatoumay Consul

There's apprehension in every home on Jhoutai today. If there's a way for you to hear the news, you've heard it, and like the rest of us you're wondering what exactly is in store for your life.

With each day of negotiations that passed, the situation grew more tense. Some declared war, and some even followed through with it. Areas of unrest exploded into riots and civil wars. The political menuvering became a blur, with streets turning into wargrounds some days and hubs of celebration and brotherhood the next.

When the dust settled, the ValuSelu Pact held a host of new documents and signings, and Jhoutai mobilized itself into a global economy in the face of a new threat. They withdrew from Eden—now a slum world which cost too much to maintain, and which they were being pushed away from by now-independant corporations and the growing, worrying influence of the Church of the Somnolent.

They had a new goal.

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The formation of the Pact was the fear reaction we were due. We accept that it was inevitable, and such is why waited until we were ready to leave the planet to form the new Haimarchy.

The Pact is panicked, afraid of what the Haimarchy might do. This is our chance for independance! No more Earth taxes lining Aempian pockets! It's time to declare independance!

The signing of the Pact and the formation of its Senate is one of the greatest threats to peace since Aempis first occupied Eden. The Senate is a war council. The Pact does not want peace, it wants dominion.

Earth must rise and form a Banner free of debt to Aempis, and to the corporate ticks Aempis left behind.

Listen closely, beauties. There's change on the wind, and I have a plan.


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