Alexandria Safe

"Alexandria Safe" (often shortened to AlexSafe or AlSa) is a term applied to data which is backed up in enough formats that it is considered to be safe from loss by deletion, deterioration, or destruction.   As opposed to Ephemeral Data (Ephem), which has a lifetime ranging from a few minutes to the duration of your life.

Thanks to patented doublescribe diamond disk technology, all data in your SysTome is Alexandria Safe. Keep your family memories safe for generations to come.
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By Popular Demand

While the integrity and endurance of digital media was a concern of data scientists, academics, and archivists since the beginning of history, it took multiple incidents of major data loss (dubbed Alexandrian Catastrophes) for the concept of AlSa to take hold. In just a few short years it caught on as a marketing term, became a craze, became normalized, and became an expected part of many mediums.   By the same token, many found the permanence of AlSa data to be intimidating, especially in regards to social media. The focus on AlSa media drew focus to its opposite—Ephemeral Data (Ephem Data). Many people didn't want their embarrassing data to last forever, and so moved to social media which promised Ephem media or which allowed them to make the choice.

Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria was a great library on ancient Eden which was mythically burned down.   While the reality of the situation was more one of decline, the concept remains a popular one for describing how data may be lost by an accident or time. It lives on as the term for that particular type of cataclysm.

Truth in Advertising

While many data archive promise that they are AlSa, the truth is that few have been tested and fewer have withstood that testing. Some members of the Archive claim that only the truly AlSa Archive is the Seed Libraries, which hold backup SysTomes of most major literary works on planets all over Ethnis. And even those are not infallible.


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