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Pyreheart Candy

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Pyreheart candy is a soft, airy candy made from pyreheart. It is a sweet food that is enjoyed by many flamekin children, and a delicacy outside of the emberpeaks.


The candy tastes incredibly sweet, and melts in your mouth. It dissolves if it gets wet at all, so is not a recommended treat to have in a rainy biome, unless you are intent on eating it indoors. It is very popular with those outside the emberpeaks, and some will trade valuables for pyreheart crystals to make their own. However, the best Pyreheart candy comes from the flamekin of the emberpeaks themselves.

Manufacturing process

Materials and Components

The only components needed to make pyreheart candy is pyreheart and the right equipment. To make pyreheart candy, one needs a machine capable of spinning the candy as it is being formed, as well as thinning it out, to give it that light and airy texture.


To make pyreheart candy, one must first melt the pyreheart, then thin it and feed it into a machine that spins it. Something is needed to collect the candy, which is usually a stick or a cone of some sort.


Pyreheart candy does not keep for very long, melting in higher temperatures or freezing in lower temperatures that are any different to the heat that they are made at. Keeping them for much longer than intended will also cause them to go stale and lose their taste, resulting in an undesireable candy and a waste of food. It is recommended to eat pyreheart candy soon after making or obtaining it.
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Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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