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Phiamara was once one of the largest islands in the dewdrop peaks. At 13 miles in diameter, it held the campus of the University of Phiamara, the largest angellic university and most well-known to outsiders.
The island was covered in wispgrass, with large bubbletrees creating colourful and interesting light phenomena on the island.
It was widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands of the Heavens, and was a popular tourist destination while it existed.

The Destruction of Phiamara

However, approximately three months ago, it was discovered that another island was on course for a direct collision with Phiamara, an event that would likely destroy both islands in its course. When the angels first learned about this, they were not keen on sharing this information with outsiders. It was the angels' firm belief that everything was temporary, and if nature was going to destroy the island, than who were they to deny nature's course? However, as they began the process of evacuating Phiamara, and the island on a collision course with it drew closer, it was impossible to hide. In the weeks leading up to the collision, visitors and tourists begged for the angels to put up wards. They continued to refuse, insisting that they let nature continue its course, and the island was destroyed, as predicted.
There was some outrage about this among tourists and visitors. They were upset at the lack of action or concern of the angels, and this angels became irritated with these complaints. They were, however, eventually pressured into rebuilding the university elsewhere, though the new location for the project has yet to be declared.
Island, Floating

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I really like the angels' attitude towards letting nature take its course (with the one exception of their capital). I guess it was hard to stomach for those not used to their ways. It's sad such a beautiful place was lost, but I'm glad they are going to one day rebuild the university.

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i think it would be funny if, out of spite, the angels built the new university on an island that's also on a collision course xD, although i think even they wouldnt want that many materials to be wasted

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