Archon Nephele

Nephele was born into Evestrian nobility. She and her older sister, Danae were born to Archons Epaphus and Maia. Nephele has a powerful Gift of Planar Magic, with a strong affinity for its Spatial Magic aspect- both Portal and Summoning.  

Early Childhood

Nephele grew up in the family villa adored and doted on by her big sister and aristocratic parents. Their mother, Maia, was elected a Representative about a year before Nephele was born. Having known a time before the political circus, Danae resented her mother's position, but Nepehle, having never known a different life, was unphased by it. Epaphus supported their mother as her chief of staff, and Nephele grew up at his feet watching him negotiate the many parties lobbying for her mother's time and support.  

Epaphus' Departure

In 247 Nephele's father was sent to Nemel. He was no expected to stay; it was just another in attempt in over 100 years of rebuffs to settle an ambassador at the notoriously isolationist court. It was a shock to the entire family when he was accepted, but especially to Nephele who had just turned 9.  

Traveling Abroad

After completing Grammatica, Nephele was allowed to join a school friend, Opiea, on her visit to Pelee; Archon Huropa brought them to stay with Opiea's mother, and ambassador to Pelee, Archon Pheona. Nephele had missed her father dearly in the years since his departure, and although she was not with him, her time in Pelee made her feel somehow closer to him.   Nephele continued to travel through Collegium during breaks. Her time in Renamos with her uncle, Archon Polydorus went so well that she obtained permission to study abroad for the rest of the year. When she returned to New Bernan, Nephele decided it was time to see her father.  

Settling in Nemel

She arrived in Nemel a complete shock to her father; for although they had faithfully corresponded, in Epaphus' mind she was still his little girl. She marries a Nemeli Layrd, Hurly; they have a daughter, Telephasa, and take on two wards- Llyr and Brant. Nephele takes over her father's ambassadorship herself later in life.        




Towards Hurly



Towards Nephele

Year of Birth
238 CA 76 Years old
Hurly (spouse)
We don't know what color it is; she is always changing it. Her favorite are tones of blue and ombre blue

Cover image: by Claudio Hirschberger via Unsplash
Character Portrait image: by Artbreeder


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