The Evestrians are humans who fled their homes in Evenaria when   They carry the scars of their exodus in many ways. Their are no orphanages or shelters as it is considered a high honor to house those in need. In fact, it has become something of a status symbol, where people put their names down on lists waiting to help other citizens in need.   However, for all of their supposed inclusiveness, Evestrians place too great a value on being born with gifts, and non magical children are often treated poorly in comparison to magical siblings. They were in danger in their homeland because of their magic; they overcompensated too far. Luckily, their new friends in Pelee are always looking for men with sisters and any women at all. Evestrians have been known to forge family documents to show a boy born without Gifts to have multiple sisters.

Naming Traditions

Family names

All names come from Greek mythology, but Roman would be fine too if I run out.


Beauty Ideals

The beautiful thing to Evestrians is the Gift.
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Cover image: by Claudio Hirschberger via Unsplash


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