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Nevermore Expanse

A forgotten realm cloaked in protective fog; these lamented lands may, at times, be startlingly beautiful, but do not be fooled. Only suffering and despair will be harvested from this condemned place. All glory in her wretched name – the Crimson Cup Bearer. The bane of my people.
— Halin Kesrir, Knight of the Pale Hand
North of the Krovian Empire and Sundermist Tips, Tonarian reaches out into the Frigid North Sea. Although the Caelian control territory around the Nevermore Expanse, they would never dare pass through the thick layer of protective fog, which conceal the terrors of the region. All Caelian who live along the mist’s edge knows the stories of lost clansmen and women, claimed by a Paradise Forgotten.

This dark and twisted expanse is home to the Nephistrad Kingdom and the birthplace of the Sanguis race. A joyless land ruled by the Vampire Lord Harlock Von Lishken encompasses the northern continent. Vampire and Sanguis govern openly and proudly, treating the living as nothing more than property to be drained and discarded.

Each homestead is forced to pay a food tax, sending unlucky neighbors in chains to the capital city Razmiran. Settlements that refuse or cannot provide face the wrath of Harlock and his Pale Hand Knights. Attempting to escape through the mists may have disastrous consequences. If monstrous creatures don’t hunt you in the dark, the Butcher and his Eternal Legion vigilantly patrol mist's edge in hopes of an easy meal – or favor from their Lord.


A startlingly beautiful yet cold and lonely landscape, Nevermore Expanse is made up of a variety of seductive but dark scenic locations. Throughout the fog-covered expanse, the view is dotted by small villages, tolling bell towers, crumbling ruins, and Sanguis nobility manors.

Raven’s Roost and the adjacent highlands serve as a hiding place for pockets of rebellion against the Vampiric noble houses. Always living in fear of being uncovered by the Eternal Legion, a resistance grows. Harlock cares not for those who hide in the mountains. This would not be his first, or his fifth, time extinguishing the flames of rebellion. Many believe he welcomes the distraction.
The many woodlands are untamed with velvet evergreen trees and towering ancient timbers. Where the forests are most dense, heavy gray mists block out the treetops allowing only a pallid light to shine below. The undergrowth is often damp and cold from the frigid winds of the north.

If you find your way moving to civilized land, tall silhouetted structures will greet you first in the fog. Wet cobblestones leading to iron gates and stonework buildings are common where luxury can be afforded. Farmlands surround dwellings and acts as a means to feed the “cattle.” The sound of mournful sobbing is not given a second look in the city streets where dark hosts and decaying ghouls walk amongst humans, dwarves, and others who unfortunately call the Nevermore Expanse home.
To the southwest, the Golden Height mountains border the Nevermore Expanse at the mist’s edge. It is here the Lantern Priests at Light’s Awe attempt to pierce the veil in honor of Light and Law.

Fauna & Flora

Throughout Erenel there are various forms of plant life, ocean product and earthy substances to be utilized. Learn more here Herbalism & Alchemy Expanded

Arctic Creeper

This noxious weed usually grows in frigid environments, or at high elevations among snow accumulation. When chewed, the leaves provide a pleasant minty flavor, but the roots are bitter and acidic. A typical case for healers in cold landscapes is treating travelers who accidentally ate the entire Arctic Creeper instead of harvesting only the mint leaves.

Fennel Silk

Often mistaken for a spider's web, this white silk-like plant typically grows underground in cold and dark environments. Fennel silk has sharp hook like tendrils that helps it to attach on nearby plants and rocks.

Ironwood Heart

This gnarled white seed is commonly found in the nooks of Ironwood Trees. These large seeds pulse with a slow repetitive beat when gripped tightly, often referred to as “Nature’s Heartbeat”. It is said that when cooked or properly prepared by a Herbalist these seeds can increase a beings physical size greatly.

Nightshade Berries

These light blue and purple berries can be found in small clumps among bushes in lush timber forest environments. They can be safely ingested and are often eaten by wild animals for their sweet and tangy flavor.

Nova Vaasi

Alternative Name(s)
Nephistrad Kingdom, Paradise Forgotten, Lamented Lands
Included Organizations
Owning Organization
Contested By
Inhabiting Species

Harlock Von Lishken Enraged


Brimeye Timbers

Those who get lost in the Brimeye Timbers seldom return. The strange druids who dwell here will do anything to protect their way of life, including sacrificing what humanity they have left to unleash what lies at the heart of the the forest.

On the edge of Brimeye close to Breylet, House Darvu horse breeders raise nightmare warhorses in service to the Knights of the Pale Hand. Some believe House Darvu has made a pact with the heart of the forest but none would dare question their methods. The product provided is far too valuable.


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