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Summer camp 2023 reading challenge

My summer camp challenge experience:

  It was the first time I participated to the summer camp writing challenge and I must say i loved it. Even though I've not written a lot of prompts taking the challenge helped me a lot. First it helped me show my world as Ive been creating for many many years but I had never been able to publish any article before because I had (sill have) very low confidence in what I created. I know it sounds cliché I'm pretty sure many of us here feel the same.   In reworking on previously written articles, I allowed myself to go deeper in my conception, asking myself several questions that I hadn't answered before. But I also thought about completely new concepts, ideas I had already but never worked on yet.   I'm pretty proud of myself for what I did and I know I've done my best and I pushed myself. There is still a lot of work to be done, but now I know I'm able to do it and I even look forward to going further.   Summer Camp 2023 Pledge  

Prompts I read:

  A powerful organisation in your world:
  I liked several of the articles within this prompt, the main ones being:  
  1. The Church of Irath
    Organization | Jan 23, 2024
    : The most beautiful article I v'e read, the most detailed and deep. I can't wait to read the rest and discover this world.

  2. High Kingdom of Albis
    Organization | Dec 9, 2023

    The High Kingdom of Albis is a young and influential realm in Talhenogh stuck between two great powers and burdened with religious turmoil.

    : everything in this article is simply impresive to me. I like the attention to details, the map that is added to it, the play on words with "the goat of arms"...

  3. Royaume d'Armiras
    Organization | Feb 27, 2024
    : Such a lively and well detailed article.
      Special mention of
The Blatian Imperial army
Organization | Jul 14, 2023

One of the most powerful armies of Yeia, the driving force behind Blati's reconquest of the old Imperial territories

Le grand duché d'Angevin
Organization | Jan 22, 2024
that I really enjoyed as well.     A seat of power (of any kind!):  
  1. Royal Palace of Ymhilean
    Settlement | Jul 5, 2023

    The most beautiful building in Ymhilean, and the seat of power of the Sun Elf kings.

    : one of the best articles I've read. everything is so beautiful and the pictures make it look so real.

  2. Vortigern's Reach, Place of the Nebuletrum Seat
    Settlement | Jul 31, 2023
    : wow ! again a very detailed, very deep article. I have to admit that it's a bit heavy, but so interesting !

  3. Lumié
    Settlement | Sep 9, 2023

    Lumié, the City of Light, is the most technologically advanced city in Deus.

    : it is simply a city that I would have loved to create myself, even if it's far from my own universe. I think it's great and well detailed.
    A culture that has suffer under the rule of an stronger nation:  
  1. The Arenik Giants
    Ethnicity | Jul 31, 2023
    An example of dedication to details and really great sense of immersion. The maps !! those maps and the history they're attached to were everything !
  2. Lykran
    Ethnicity | Jul 24, 2023
    : such a great culture. And the use of the Hero Forge miniatures is really good !
  3. Gievrian
    Ethnicity | Jul 21, 2023

    Though once oppressed by the Vahrai Empire, now the Gievrian culture is rich and diverse, comprising several separate kingdoms on the continent of Gievrys.

    : I like the story telling, I found the people very well described, as well as their culture and traditions.

My goals for the next half year:

  This experience showed me that it's ok to doubt. I've been able to put myself out of my confort zone and create. I have a lot to do still and I know I need to improve on many levels. But I'm not scared anymore to show what I do and I'm willing to work my best to make it as alive as what I read.   Reading helped me realise how much I need to not be afraid to go deep into details. Even though I have to admit my inner imposteur syndrome makes it hard for me not to think that this is too much to handle.   Today my goals for the future are to work my best to create more and write more about what has been in my head for a very long time, and try to give me the time to do it at my own pace.   Thank you everyone !!


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Sep 6, 2023 20:10

Hey, sorry if it's a bother, but if you don't mind could you tell me who are the authors of the articles you mentioned? I'm putting a big list of all Reading Challenge mentions to let people know who mentioned them in their entries and give some love in return. Sadly, I only recognize the church of Irath here :x   Also, hooray on publishing your articles, it takes a lot of efforts at first but that's the best way to improve in the end! :D

Hoo~ Hoo
Sep 7, 2023 08:14 by Sténli

Not a bother at all:     the Church of Irath: by PantherEye's   HIGH KINGDOM OF ALBIS: by Dhelian   The Kingdom of Armiras: by Zannazook     Royal Palace of Ymhilean: by Callyxtus   Vortigern's Reach, Place of the Nebuletrum Seat: by Paradoxicallemon08   Lumié: by Strixcattus   THE ARENIK GIANTS: by Kefkejaco   Lykran: by Corsairaquilus   Gievrian: by Loyalair     There ! I tried to link the articles for readers to be able to go straight to read them but I've just discovered how to do it '^^... Thanks for the encouragement Imma keep going !

Sep 7, 2023 09:47

Noted, thank you! Best of luck on your projects :D

Hoo~ Hoo