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Session 28 - The Road Home

General Summary

Our brave band of adventurers had faced a veritable gauntlet, first defeating the vampire spawn Alouvette and her tormentor, Aloisia, at the dreadful orphanage, then following the trail of her ill deeds to the Ille de Pontieff, where they clashed with the wicked hag Goodie Kinterkraaft amid the charred ruins.   Narrowly escaping the pursuit of the Moonlight Court, the party then engaged in an unexpected confrontation aboard a ship with the sentient Mask, Osborn's new warlock patron, a battle that nearly ended very badly for the group.   With all of that now behind them, the vampire threat for now defused and road ahead promising a chance to rest and recouperate, the band made their merry road home to Muskratte, stumbling upon a strange purple knight guarding a bridge, and after that, two rather lackadaiscal villagers belonging to the town of Bilberry, a halfling and gnome settlement on the borders of the Feywhisper Forest that takes up much of northern Valderia.
Report Date
07 Aug 2021

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