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Raggletag Encounter History

Player-Characters' Interactions with the Jester Raggletag.

  • Encounter at the Masquerade Ball
    Meeting Raggletag

    Whilst infiltrating the House Caravielle Masquerade Ball, Osborn encountered Raggletag for the first time. The jester quipped a few lines of nonsense, in which Osborn determined some hint of a clue or warning. Deeming the jester to be more than he appeared, Osborn proceeded...

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  • 2019 GA

    19 /10 1800:00

    Escape from the Caravielle Vault; the Cavalry Arrives.

    As the party confronted Tarius in the Manor Vault, and made a shocking discovery about the Mask of Jal-Kador, the door burst open to admit a band of unlikely saviors, including Obadiah Jawbone, Malgias Prythain, and Raggletag...their arrival and Raggletag's magical attack on the Mask following its electrocution by Alston drove the entity to flee through cracks in the ceiling, and, seeing himself now sorely outnumbered, the wounded Tarius seized the unconscious Osborn and made his own escape through a secret door at the back of the Vault. Seeing the vampire spawn escaping with their unconscious friend, the party made a quick rush out of the vault via the side-entrance they had previously seen, witnessing Tarius fleeing the scene with Osborn locked in a coffin on the back of a hearse-carriage; Bartholemew and arrived with their wagon and horses, Dealan transformed herself into a draft-horse to carry Shalara, and the pursuit of the Moonlight Chase began...