Space Station Oedipus

Whoever named that spacestation had to be ... well mentally challenged.
The spacestation is actually a weird combination of tubes, pipes, rooms, halls and attached .. objects. It used to be a well organised structure, but years of adding, removing and changing ave made it a unlikly mess. It works, its efficient (like all in space). Its however awkward, ugly and strange. Inside there are numerous rooms, locations and tubes. Temperatures differ between all locations, so you have to be carefull where you go.
the main purpose of the station is to store and compact the space rubbish that the Orbital Derelict Floating Parts and Sattelite Collectors gather and deliver. The technicians strip whatever they can for valuables and sell it. they sell the parts for money, to pay their rent, food and upkeep. (air isn't cheap). The station pays the engineers extra to repair and maintain the structure.
there is a weekely charter that allows them to return to the surface of earth.
lately several mechanics have requested a ticket to Mars. Clearly Mars pays better.


The United Empire of Earth is primary owner of the station. They do the minimal to keep it up and running, but they have an 12 man squad on a weekly rotation. They are a kind of MP


There are 24 high speed PDs They are not really intended to fight military structures, but will demolish any ship or object on a collison course that is deemed a risk. The station can handle quite some impacts, but there are limits and the station AI determines when to break the risk down into smaller parts.


Its a large space station, with lots of different areas. only 30 percent is actually public.
There is a research section, the garbage storage and dismantle section, a hotel section, and several military sections.

Guilds and Factions

There is a small and unknown group of scavengers that secretly live on the station.


build as replacement for the ancient ISS spacestation, the station started as a jump platform to have a good way to travel to the moon.
As the base becomes larger overtime, it gets expanded several times, with the invention of artificial gravity it becomes a home for a larger group of people. An A.I. keeps the place in orbit and save.


There is some tourism. some for having sex in weighlessness and well just to escape earth.
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