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The Journey's Keeper CN Trident The Open Seas, Romance, Traveling

The Church of Voyage

"We vow to cherish the shared road of life, to hold fast in the storms that rage against us, to have each other's backs in warmth and in cold, and to live with, through, and of one another until our everlasting journey begins." - The Benediction of The Pride
  Anywhere the winds whip over salt seas, where a road forks deeper into wilderness, or where two people meet in a sweet embrace, Voyage is there. Their church has no central authority, but The Journey's Keeper has one of the largest churches of any on Enos. Sailors call to Voyage for calm seas and fair winds, lovers call for their other to be guided into loving arms, and any well-seasoned traveler knows to say at least a few words to the god before heading out on a journey.   Those devout clergy of Voyage are called voyagers (not to be confused with the Indaite term meaning 'outsider,') and are often used as windwrights on ships, providing gusts of wind when needed, or parting waves around their ship. The Benediction of The Pride is the standard wedding vow across Enos, used by most churches with only small modifications either before or after. Voyagers often serve as guides in unfamiliar lands, and always accompany the traveler at no cost (though donations are both accepted and appreciated).   Regardless of how Voyage is worshiped, they are almost always depicted as an assured sea captain, usually female, often at the bow of a ship staring into an uncertain but exciting future.  

The Ascension Story

Talani Voyage was a human woman born in what is now Godswake, Ephistius, sometime just after the founding of Centurion at the start of the Queen's Era. Records show that she was a whip-smart student of science, and by the age of 13 had made several improvements to shipcraft and completed her apprenticeship under the legendary water genasi shipwright Svande Gjallerson. Her improvements laid the underpinnings for the sea trade that has developed since.   Her beauty was said to be beyond compare, and many scholars point to this as a reason for her being aasimar, but the records of the time disagree, and no significant evidence, sign, or omen has emerged to support this claim. Regardless, she had many suitors in her day, but she denied them all in favor of her love of invention. It is said in her later years she took to matchmaking her suitors to one another to stave off the droves of people that hounded her for her hand.   While she was known for many things in her life, her reputation aboard her ship The Pride of the West was the brightest point. She ran a tight ship that ran far faster than any other vessel, and to this day is the only known person to have ever captained a crew across the Pridian Ocean, the vast and lethal expanse of sea to the west of Tichozen and east of Madiga in The Bestian Grand Alliance, earning that ocean its name.   Why she made the journey is anyone's guess, but the best scholars and academics can do is simply assume she did it for the sheer thrill. Voyage was always a risk-taker and the kind of person prone to action over reason. Her second trip was so legendary that it forms the etymology of the common meaning of the word 'voyage,' which is a long trip fraught with danger. It was a trip she would make alone, taking only her ship and a few rations with her, and a trip from which she would never return. It was on this late-spring voyage that she found divinity itself, and sailed into myth, legend, and godhood.  


Voyager's Day. Celebrated each year on Quinta 30, this day marks the end of spring, and the ceremonial launch for most new vessels. It is forbidden in most ports for ships to dock on this day, as it is seen as disrespectful.  

Traditional Dress

Given the lack of a central structure for Voyage's church, there is no agreed-upon dress. Any well-fitted traveling gear is appropriate, though the particularly devout will often burn the holy symbol of a ship's wheel into their leathers or wear jewelry shaped as such on a chain about their neck.  


The Ship in Port Is the Safer One. A call and response, with the response being "...but that's not the reason it was made." It is as much a call to adventure as it is a call to embrace the open road.   With, Through, and Of. Part of The Benediction of The Pride, this saying reminds a Voyager that they have a partner in their travel, whether it be their companion or The Journey's Keeper.

The Journey's Keeper