Continent Government Ruler Capital
Tichozen None None Little Khudansk
  The Maw of Enos The name Tichozen is, in many circles, synonymous with failure. It is a blasted, muggy, verdant hellscape of trees and wildlife that has made its exploration and colonization impossible since the first sailors landed on it during the Age of Kings. It sits to the west of Ephistius and to the south of Avaritia.   To this day, its interior, either in the expansive northern part of the continent or the verdant hell that sits to its south, lies unexplored. Any attempt to trailblaze has been met with death or worse, as no party has ever returned from the inner jungles.   The few balloons sent over by Arnast that have returned speak of a glittering prismatic spread of trees at the heart of the expanse, along with a churning sound that echoes from within those jungles. Tserakova's Folly sits at the isthmus that connects expanse to hell below, and was Elken's one try at colonizing. It failed as predictably as expected, much as the same attempt had failed a few ages before.   Few creatures claim to come from the continent, but those that do are often bestial in nature, and entirely unaccustomed to the manners and decorum required by polite society.   The islands surrounding Tichozen to its north and east have had more success in colonization. Treymach's Rise and Rostelli's Isle off the western short of Avaritia serve as private island getaways for the rich and powerful, while The Grey Rock and Saveus' Retreat serve as prison colonies and death sentences for offenders from Avaritia, Arnast, and Ephistius alike.   Voyage's Tears, which is an archipelago between Ephistius and the Tichozen Expanse, hosts several ruined settlements, caves, and dotted shantytowns, and has long been home to pirates, thieves, and brigands of all sorts, many exiled from Ephistius, Arnast, and Elken.   Little Khudansk sits on an island to the southeast of Tichozen, just to the northwest of Navisdanya in The Gravis Grand Alliance. It serves as the only permanent settlement and technical capital of the region. It is little more than a salt-blasted port of rough characters that plays host to would-be adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves in the fatal jungles of Tichozen, the Maw of Enos.