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The Entropic Void N N/A Entropy

The Church of Mortalis

Mortalis is entropy - the eternal decay of all things. It does not concern itself with the affairs of mortals. It does not concern itself with the affairs of other gods. It does not, in fact, have affairs of its own. It is a thoughtless void entirely absent of feeling or existance. It is the is not. It is the steady march towards nothingness at the end of time.   Often depicted as a single, filled black circular void, Mortalis unthinkingly consumes and eradicates all it touches, and stands in constant opposition to its twin, Animatus, the Prime god of Creation. As Animatus creates, Mortalis destroys, and this process is known as the Dance of the Twins. It is a neverending struggle between two powers so vast in their scope that neither is aware that their dancing created the cosmos itself.   While the four elemental Prime gods oppose one other actively, Mortalis and Animatus are not active adversaries in any sort of sentient sense. Rather, the acts of creation and entropy are so antipodal and opposed that they must, by their very nature, be opposed. It is from this magnetic attraction between these two antithetical forces that the phrase 'opposites attract' stems.  

Worship and Hierarchy

Churches to Mortalis are rare, as worship of the very concept of entropy tends to draw only the mad and those that seek death to its door. Still, the few churches that do exists are often in the wastelands of The Queen's Crater in the center of Draxus on The Prime Material Plane, as well as the lower planes of The Hells, The Grey, and The Abyssal Pits. Perhaps most suprising, the largest temple to Mortalis is the Temple of the Twins in Dictum. In fact, most temples to either of the Twins have shrines to the other in them as well, as the two are often inseparable.   The few cults to Mortalis that exist venerate only the slow death of everything, preferring to keep to themselves, simply observing the march of entropy. They rarely have any sort of hierarchy or government, much less any sort of actual head of clergy, often preferring solitude over company. Even for those most devout, Mortalis does not give a blessing nor grant spells to its followers, and any cleric of Mortalis likely gets their power from another god instead, most often Gehelya, the goddess of Death. Holidays   Mortalis has no holidays associated with it, but most that venerate it and its concept tend to do so during the new array closest to the middle of winter, at the coldest and most entropic point of the year.  

Traditional Dress

Worshippers of Mortalis prefer blacks to any other color, never mending or patching the robes as they wither away.  


The World Waits for Night. This saying, which has been co-opted by many evil deities, speaks to the truth that the most bold and significant decisions and actions are often taken under the cover of darkness.   Time is Withering. Entropy is a function of only time, and it erodes all things.

The Entropic Void