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The Abyssal Pits

Layer upon layer of vile intent and dark desire cascade downward in an ever-deepening morass of evil so anathema to decency and civilization that The Abyssal Pits are often regarded as the most lethal place in all the inner rings. Each layer brings a new nightmare and is overseen as the personal playground of whatever demon lord calls that layer home at the moment. Gardens of flesh on one layer may change to crystalline vaults entombing souls on the next, only to shift to lakes of acid that drain memory from those that inhale their fumes one layer down.   Constant infighting between the various demon lords makes it impossible for the hordes of demons to organize. This is a mercy, since it is said that demons are more plenty than the combined number every other sentient thing in all of creation. Their aims are as varied as their forms, and the will of a demon lord on their layer is absolute, bending the plane itself to their will within their domain. The schemes of demons are long and calculating, but are often thwarted by another demon more cunning, violent, or both.  

Notable Demon Lords

While it is nearly impossible to catalog them as they change so frequently, a few of the demon lords that date back to the creation of the plane in 1QE are as follows:   Cy'veth-Va, Lord of Lords. Holds dominion over all those nobility who were sent here, and offers dark deals to those that seek power over others.   Katafrax, Lord of the Myriad. Commands swarms of insects and demons alike, and holds power through sheer numbers.   Lilicraw, Lord of Dead Thought. Has sway over shreds of forgotten knowledge, and is thought to be used by the church of Vorocit as a dumping ground for information that needs to be forgotten but, for whatever reason, cannot.   Tequimaar, Lord of the Drowned. The rotting body of this demon lord holds court with all those that 'drown' on the solar winds of Pandemonium, and stays in power mostly because no one else wants their job.   Vornipeshathacraxis, Lord of Filth. The demon most think of when people think of demons, they control a fetid army that constantly seeks to invade and destroy all life on other planes.   x'X-X'x'X-X'x, Lord of Sharpened Steel. This lord of the shadows is the patron of all those that glower in corners and hold their tragic pasts to themselves, dying with an unresolved angst so pronounced they are condemned to an eternity of work for a being unpronounceable.