The Queen's Crater

A bruised wasteland of alien intent, this hole in Enos was put there by the first death of a Dying Queen. While the tale of Atue Omelolth's death and its consequences is widely known, the exact nature of the sort of contemptible horrors it unleashed is not. The land itself seems to breathe, and the soil itself has a pulse that steadily beats fear into even the most battle-hardened soldier. This pulse, which is thought to be the echos of Omelolth's own, can be read by diviners known as Pulsereaders. These seers are capable of foretelling attacks with alarming accuracy, and tell of a sentience that the land itself seems to have.   The creatures that spill forth from the crater are all horrid, twisted things. Even still, those members of the Protectorate that wade bravely into the twenty-mile deep void in the earth speak of things darker still within. Much of the land is blanketed with a neverending lightning storm and occasional bursts of wind that can pick a man in full plate up and fling him about like a ragdoll. Cities that once dotted the land where the crater now lies are suspended in the air in thousands of ruined pieces, and the once-grand Apotheothetical city of Xia floats above and within a massive chasm at the beating heart of the crater, spawning and twisting the worst of what the fetid stain on Enos has to offer.   The few outside the Protectorate Solace that venture into the crater seldom return, but the few tales of those that escaped entirely intact tell of great riches to be had for those ignorant or stupid enough to risk their life and soul. In addition to the considerable wealth of a dragonborn Dying Queen and her many draconic advisors, the stories speak of technologies that rival or even exceed that of the magocratic nation of Indai. Whatever the riches and fame, 'cratering' oneself is a euphemism for taking one's life for a reason, and the soldiers that have to put down the twisted and reanimated bodies of idiots that do not heed warnings would rather everyone leave the protecting to the Protectorate.